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Abu Dujanah

Another Reminder Oh My Brothers and Sisters!

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as-Salaamu 3alaykum,

Allaah, Jalla wa 3alaa, Says (approximate translation of the meanings):

{But when there comes the Deafening Blast. On the Day a man will flee from his brother, And his mother and his father, and his wife and his children, For every man, that Day, will be a matter occupying him.} (Soorat 3abasa v. 33-37)

{the Deafening Blast} the sounding of the Trumpet, the Last Day. Are you ready for those moments, those moments of extreme stress? Do you have the deeds of heart, tongue and actions that you feel will protect you from the horrors of that Day?

Do you understand what will happen that Day, my brother, my sister? Oh you who can never ever do enough to thank Allaah's unmeasurable bounties upon you, and you who has only wronged and oppressed himself by disobeying your Lord.

You may want to run to your brother, siblings, or your friends and companions, but what will you find? Do you know? They will be to overwhelmed to concern themselves with you! Yes, your brother, who you grew up with, and who you may have taken care of or who may have taken care of you and raised you! He will not care at all for you! And your sister, who may have been your merciful mother's primary aid, yes her too, she will not care of your concern for salvation!

What of your friends? They will say the same, they will not even want to listen to you. Yes the same friends who talked to you on the phone, and spent times of fun with you, who helped you out in stressful situations, who stood by you in hard times, they will not have any concern for your affair!

You might say, I know, my caring mother, I love her, she cared for me, she never loved to see me cry from pain or otherwise, she would sacrafice everything for my health and well being. She carried me in pain for nine months, and when I left her body, she did her utmost to help me grow. I will go to her! But my brother and sister, she will not care! Yes, your mother, she loved you apparently more than any other person, but now? No help can come from her! You may be sweating up to your knees, and the sun may be directly above your head, but she will not lend you the slightest amoung of concern!

And your father? Your father, he did his best for your well being, he sent you to school to make sure you could take care of yourself. He spent from his time and wealth to feed you and cloth you, but now, to no avail, nothing comes from his direction!

My wife? My wife? She was the closest person to me, noone came closer to myself than her! If I was sad, she saddened, if I was happy, she was happy, and sometimes she would give up her own comfort for you, but what? She does not even want to look for you, she does not even spend one minute thinking of you, her only concern is herself, her deeds, her sins, her faults, her shortcomings, HER SALVATION like those who you might have wanted to go to before!

My child, I cared for him, I spent for him, I sacraficed my time to teach him. I held him, I hugged him, I made him laugh. I would do things that made me want to cry, for his well being. Would he not want to return the favor now? In this great hour of difficulty?

Sorry my brother and sister, the only one who can do anything for you on that tremendous day, is you yourself! Maybe you should consider those who receive shade from Allaah, and try to be amongst them. Maybe you should strive for the deeds that save one from these horrors. Maybe you should ask Allaah NOW to save you from the horrors of those times. But the time for that is now, not then. So prepare yourselves.

Allaah Says: {O mankind! Fear your Lord and be dutiful to Him! Verily, the earthquake of the Hour (of Judgement) is a terrible thing. The Day you shall see it, every nursing mother will forget her nursling, and every pregnant one will drop her load, and you shall see mankind as in a drunken state, yet they will not be drunken, but severe will be the punishment of Allah.} (Soorat al-Hajj v. 1-2)

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