Lebanon Crisis

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What do people think?

Hizbollah right or wrong to take over Beirut in order to protect its telecoms network?

Should Brigadier General Wafiq Shuqeir have been fired from the airport?

Shutting down of Al-Mustaqbal media outlets good or bad?

Did the Lebanese Army handle the situation well?

Al-Qaeda declares war on Hizbollah? http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=54916...ionid=351020203

US blames Hizbollah, Iran and Syria?

Iran blames US and Israel?

Government blames Opposition, Opposition blames Government?

Anyone dare to comment?

Ps. Im strongly pro-Hizbollah incase anyone was wondering.

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I m sure Karbala that you would be pro Hizbullah. Actually, the whole situation became sooo confusing. May Allah Brings all this to an end in the best manner.

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Actually I think the situation is pretty clear, the Government with blessing from Bush and co. decided to begin restricting the Resistance by banning Hizbollahs telecommunication network. Hizbollah couldnt standby and watch so they took action and forced the government to come to its senses and repeal its previous decisions.

Al-mustaqbal was trying to portray the situation as a sectarian battle, highly dangerous thing to do so had to be shutdown. Do these people want to see Lebanon turned into Iraq?

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Al-Salam A'laykom

It was a sectarian battle Karbala, and I hope that you don't bring up such situations on this board dear brother, and leave them as are. And Hizbollah are mistaken to do what they did, like many other decisions, which caused Lebanon lots of death and distruction, and at the end the POW's were returned by diplomacy and not war. And why are you daring us to comment, are we in war here or what?

In the future Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will show us who is wrong and who is correct, killing people, burning homes and so on is not a solution to let the other do what you want especially when you are a minority.


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