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Hazrat Anas (R.A)reported Allahs Messanger as saying"Allah the Almighty will grant freedom to him who beautifully writes Bismillah to respect Allah.(Durr-e Mansoor)

Hazrat Anas Bin Malik reported as saying,"When children of Hazrat Adam(alaihiwasallam) i.e humanbeings,take off their clothes,the jinnat look at their private parts. However,if a momin recites Bis-mil-laa-hir-rah- man-ir raheem,while taking his/ her clothes,then it works as veil and the jinnat are not able to see anything.From this tradition we learn that the sacred name of Allah the Almighty become aveil between humanbeing and jinnat in this world,then would it not hide a believer by being a veil between a believer and the angels appointed for punishment?(Tafseer Ibnu Kaseer)

Hazrat Ali(R.A)reported Allahs Messanger(S.A.W) as saying when u r in trouble recite Bis- mil -laa-hir- rah- ma

a- nir- ra-heem laa-hau-la wa-la quv-va-ta il- laa bil-laa-hil a-liy-yil a-zeem,Allah the Almighty would save him from several troubles who recites it

Recitng Bis-mi-laa hir-rah- maa- nir-raheem makes one entitled to receive many blessing.So brothers and sisters,let us always remember to recite it for each& everything

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