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Is Allah and God the same?

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Praise be to Allah Who is the All Knowing, abundant praise which is adequate to His Superiority and Being and prayer and peace be upon His Messenger of Allah.

In answering a question around whether Allah and God are the same spirit, with the close guidance of Allah I found this reply Insh a Allah very adequate I thought to share it with all the non Muslim guests on this forum. May Allah make it of benefit to all of us.

Actually Allah Is Allah with no spirit. His being is not known to us simply because there is nothing Like Him. He Has 99 Names and Attributes, through which we live and benefit. Such as the Merciful. The All Patient. If He was not the All Patient He would not have let people who deny Him the right of worship live under His canopy and benefit of His multiple bounties. So may be in English they use the word God. But actually He is not but Allah the One who begotten no one nor He was begotten. He is the Creator of the Worlds. He is the All Knowing through His knowledge we learnt all what mankind knows and yet we did not receive but little knowledge. To Him we belong and to Him we shall return after death. But we are His creation and not children. For the Lord must not have children. He is not like human beings who have parenthood feelings. You can not imagine how Allah becomes happy for the repentance of one of His creations. Actually since He already gave us full description and training of what we shall face in this life. He told us that Satan would not leave a way to deviate us from the correct path, Satan will decorate every sin for us to do. He vowed before Allah to make all mankind go astray except Allah's sincere servants over whom he will not have any control. One major advantage of being a servant only to Allah, is that you become free of any enslavement to any other thing, desire or person. Only Him deserves to be worshiped. He Created us yet never practice any force or threat on us to worship Him. Like He does not deny any of us His rights as a Creation. We all eat His food, drink His water, benefit of His night and day, use His seas to travel, breath His air. Mind you He already told us that He is our Creator, fully explained to us what we may face of forces, which are geared to take us the wrong direction. So it is us to blame if we just go astray. Actually talking about Allah and His Attributes can take forever it is a favored topic. For instance prayer in Islam is called Salat this word in Arabic is derived from the word Silah which is translated as connection or communication. In other words we are commanded to make contact and communication five times a day. We are ordained to go into meeting with Him five times a day. Imagine you are meeting your Lord five times a day. It sure helps us remain steadfast as much as possible, Prayer is the second pillar of Islam. See how important it is for us and not for Him.

Praise be to Allah Who guided us to this and if it was not for Him we wouldn't have been guided and prayer and peace on our beloved Prophet Mohamed Ibn Abdullah

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