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U will not be able to hit me

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as salam alykom

I received this story on an arabic email, couldnt help translating it and sharing it with my dear children here.


It is about a child on the 2nd grade whose mother was so keen on raising him according to what Allah Pleases. She taught him well how never to miss Fajr prayer in the Masjed. Unfortunately he used to go to the masjed while his father is sleeping back home.

During one of his classes at school, the teacher decided to apply mass punishment (for a specific reason) of hitting everyone in the class. He started hitting each student after the other till he reached this child. The teacher asked him to open his hand to hit him with the ruler on the palm.

The child boldly answered: no u will not hit me. At this point the teacher became really upset because of the challenging tone. He said don’t u hear I said open your hand. The child said: do u want to hit me? The teacher said: yes. The child said wallahi u will not be able to. You will not be able to hit me.

The teacher in a shock said: what?

The student said wallahi u will not be able to, just try if u want to.

At this stage the teacher was in disbelief and amazed of the student's attitude. But he still asked him: why cant I?

The student said: didn’t u hear the hadeeth of Rasulu Allah salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam:' One who prays Fajr in congregation shall remain in the protection of Allah" and I prayed Fajr in congregation, therefore I am in the protection of Allah. At the same time, I didn’t do anything wrong for u to punish me!

The teacher stood there in full humblness to Allah, amazed at the way this child is thinking. He just couldn’t but to inform the administration for them to call in his father and congratulate him about the way he brought up his child.

Unfortunately when the father came in, it was a shock for everyone. They found him a careless person without any sign of piety on his face.

Everybody asked him are u the father of this child?

He said yes

Then they asked the child: is this your father he said yes but he does not join us in praying!!!

At this point one of the teachers started talking to the father telling him the situation that took place between his son and the teacher. The father was deeply touched and the situation actually was a reason for this man to return back to Allah.

Sobhan Allah, how prayer could affect us and teach us to never fear anyone but Allah. We must never fear anyone but Allah. Prayer is the source of strength for the believer, the light which leads one to the correct path.

Dear brothers and sisters, don’t forget that the final words of our beloved Prophet salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam before he departed from this world were an advice for us to never abandon prayer as it is the link that connects with Allah. Prayer contains the response to our supplication, light in our face, and companionship and support during crisis. Many people feel that they are lost in this world with much worries filling their hearts. If u actually observe this type of people, u will find that they are those who abandon prayer and indulge in sins.

La hawala wala qowata ila billah, how can we disobey our Creator while He is Looking at us? How can we overlook the establishment of prayer even those in the middle of the day not even Farj which is totally forgotten by many young people.

I see people put their alarm clocks 15 minutes after the time of Fajr is over to catch up with their work. I wonder how can they miss Fajr and are keen to be punctual on their work.

Brothers and sisters, be informed that the first item is to be judged on the Day of Judgment is our prayer. In case it is sound and correct the rest is the same other wise. Fear Allah and establish prayer before u leave this world.

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