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Wanna Get Married But????

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Assalلmu `alaykum wa rahmatullلhi wa barakلtuhu.

May this message find you in the best of health and Iman Insha'Allah.


Date: Sunday 27th June 2004

Time: 2pm - 7pm

Venue: South Birmingham College, Cole Bank Road,

Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 8ES

* Are you seriously looking to get married?

* Are you and your family finding it very difficult to

find someone compatible in a halal way?

Please note, this event is NOT:

* Speed dating

* A management consultancy project aimed at posh/rich "professionals"?

* A good opportunity for casual free-mixing

Quite often we just complain, moan and sometimes

discuss the difficulties in trying to get married. We

can keep discussing until our hair turns grey but how

do we deal with these issues practically?

We are pleased to announce a Muslims marriage event in Birmingham

where the emphasis will be on providing solutions and bringing people


· Extensive opportunities for introductions to take place.

· Special session in Urdu and Bengali for parents and

guardians who may have difficulties with English.

· A whole college has been hired, where there will be

a mixture of small group workshops and larger feedback sessions,

as well as sessions for introductions.

· This event is not just for "religious" people. All Muslims are welcome.

What are the solutions for the following problems in our society?

1. You want to marry someone you like but your PARENTS

are the main obstacle. What do you do?

2. How to encourage brothers to stop being so docile

and start being real men, and marry sisters HERE in

the UK.

3. How to encourage sisters to start realising that

there are more important priorities in life than one's

own career.

3. What is wrong with DIVORCEES and those with

DISABILITIES - how can they get married?

* Have you had enough of websites, paid & free

marriage services, full of time wasters and dodgy


* Are you fed up with pretentious "halal" singles

evenings in posh restaurants?

* Are you sick and tired of mosque and organisation

based services, where you have to be best friends with

the committee members or they won't help you.

* Perhaps you're a revert or have very few friends and

family contacts?

* Maybe you're thinking, "I don't practice but my

heart is in Islam and I want to find someone who is

Muslim. So-called practicing people don't bother

helping because they look down on me or are simply

'too pious' and just 'too busy active in da'wah' (yeah


This is an event that would not only provide solutions

but also where you could meet your potential match, insha'Allah.

Experienced facilitators who have been invited


· Mufti Abdul Kadir Barkatulla (Finchley Mosque, London)

· Dr Muhammad Naseem (Birmingham Central Mosque)

· Sister Najma Ebrahim (Muslim Women's Helpline)

· Maulana Hasan Ali (Lecturer and producer of "Family Life in Islam" series)

· Sister Sufia Amin (Young Muslims UK)

· Brother Abu Muntasir (Jam'iat Ihyaa Minhaaj As-Sunnah)

· Brother Ajmal Masrur (Islamic Society of Britain)

· Brother Hassan Ahmed (Islamic Forum Europe)

· Brother Zahid Amin (Young Muslims UK)

and many others.

It is mandatory to bring one or both parents. If this

is not possible, then someone who would be able to

influence the parents. Why is this? Because research

has shown that parents are half the problem. If you

don't have parents or a wali or you are a revert then

you can of course still come. Divorcees, widowers and

people with disability are most welcome. No passport

and asylum seekers please.

Cost: £10 per person. Please bring a prayer mat/cloth

with you.

* Unfortunately no children allowed on this occasion.

* Pre-registration is compulsory, either by phone or email.

* Refreshments available

* Selected bookstalls available

Places are running out fast. To guarantee you place

please call:

07963580882 or 07092 032 136 or 07092 032 763

DEADLINE for bookings: Monday 21st June 2004

We look forward to seeing you.

Wassalaam 'alaikum wa rahmatullaah.

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As salam alaikum

It would be nice to go except there is this little problem. I believe it is called an ocean. Bummer. biggrin.gif

As salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

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Mentioning oceans and going places Bummer when r u coming to Egypt Akhi???

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