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Summer Time Is Here! What Will You Do?

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Utrujj - Knowledge & Creativity presents;

As-salaamu ‘alaykum everyone,

Summer time is here! What will you do? Where will you go? Its boring?

Hold it! Iqra' (Read) ...

Are you confused or just discovered Islam? Are you a revert or have you recently started practising Islam? Fed up of all this & that and just want to learn the basics of Islam!

Can't afford to go abroad to learn Arabic and Islam but want the same syllabus HERE in the UK? Weekend intensive courses would be a dream?

Work schedule too busy so you need something modular and flexible yet comprehensive, which deals with not only spirituality but also day to day living Islam?

Bored of being taught irrelevant & unpractical topics in parrot fashion? Want to learn with an authentic traditional scholar but with a modern outlook who's in touch with the current context?

Worry no more! The Utrujj Foundation presents:

The Summer Beehive 2004

Dates and Location:

London: Between 4th July - 31st July 2004

Leeds: Between 16th August - 27th August 2004

Times: Weekdays & weekends, courses run throughout the day

A comprehensive summer intensive course bringing the curriculum traditionally taught in the Middle East, right to the heart of London. This course will provide a sound base for anyone embarking on the quest for sacred knowledge. A unique chance for those who cannot travel out of the UK, to take part in a summer course. With flexible timings so that even working people can attend.

Many subjects will be available in a variety of packages:

* Islam & The Modern World today - Can Islam provide the solutions today ?

How to we as Muslims live & work in West without compromising our faith ?

* The Great Female and Male Scholars of The Muslim World - Scholars from

all parts of world, their lives and work and sacrifice for Islam.

* Islamic History - The Islamic State, Lessons from History and Muslim Historians.

* Living the Qur'an - No doubt that it s the book of guidance but how can

* Building a Muslim Community - How can one re-establish the bond of brotherhood

and sisterhood in our communities again. How can we achieve unity ?

* Seerah - An analysis of the biography of the Prophet (saw) from birth till death and relating it to our society today.

* The Character of the Prophet (saw) - How did the Prophet (saw) dress, look, eat, react to people of all ages and class ?

How was his manners and disposition, his daily routine, his prayer, his battles, and much more...

* The Quran Explained - Explanation and meaning of certain verses of the Qur'an, the vitues of such verses, the lessons to be learnt and the significance to our lives.

* The Sayings of Prophet (saw) - Focussing on a few Hadith Qudsi's, the context in which they were revealed, their literal and spiritual meanings. Their importance of them in our busy lives.

* Principles of Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) - How did the different schools of Jurisprudence arrive at their conclusions ? Who & what were the main methodologies of Jurisprudence ? A more detailed look into how

Islamic law (Shari'ah) is derived and works?

* Fiqh of Halaal and Haraam - The things you need to know about what is allowed or not in Islam.

* Fiqh of Worship - ' All you need to know about how prayer'. Can't prayer, don't know how, 'We got to prayer to make it today ' - MC Hammer ! True - but many Muslims 'simply' don't know how to pray Common questions like on how to correct mistakes during prayer ? How many rakah's ? What surah's & dua should I say ? Too embarrassed to ask ? Have you always a wanted to know the different types of prayers for different occasions ?

* What Muslims Believe (Aqeedah) - The basic tenets & articles of faith that make us Muslims.

* Character Building (Tarbiyah) - The aim of this course addresses the heart, mind, body, and soul of the individual, and provide the means for the individual to assess and improve these in themselves.

* Etiquettes of learning - The manners, attitude and methodology of

the student of Islamic knowledge.

* Preparing for Marriage - Want to get married ? Getting married ? Or are you married ? How can you prepare for a better marriage.

* Family Life - Most of us will get married and have families one

day insha'Allah but how do you bring them up Islamically in the

West, realistically and practically?

and much more...


Shaykh Haytham Tamim:

Shaykh Haytham Tamim has studied Shariah for over 16 years and has

accreditation (ijaaza's) in recitation, interpretation and Sciences of the

Qur'an, Hadith and Fiqh from the scholars of Sham,Medina and Indian

subcontinent. Aswell as verifying (tahqiq) over 20 books, his specialities

include comparative Fiqh, Usool and Hadith. This vast knowledge is harnessed

with extensive teaching experience, he has taught students for over 12 years

innumerous countries. He has served as a lecturer of Comparative Fiqh for

many years at the Islamic University of Beirut and also as a lecturer of

Hadith and Seerah at the Azhar Lubnan Academy, Lebanon. Some of his teachers

include: Shaykh Professor Wahbah az-Zuhayli (Syria); Shaykh Professor Saeed

Ramadan al-Bouti (Syria); Mullah Abdul Aleem az-Zanki (Syria); Shaykh Abdul

Fattah abu Ghuddah (Riyad); Shaykh Professor Mustafa al-Azzami (Riyad/India)

& many others. He is also the founder of Utrujj, London's Premier Islamic Institution

& is the main teacher.

*Shaykh Abd al-Aziz al-Shafii:

Shaykh Abd al-Aziz al-Shafii has studied with the many of the prominent Shuyukh in

Lebanon and Damascus. He graduated from the Shari’ah College, the Islamic University of Beirut,

Dar al-Fatwa and has a Diploma in Islamic Judgment, from the Islamic University of Beirut. The

Shaykh also has a B.A in Media, from the Lebanese University. He is currently working in the Islamic

Sunnite Court – Beirut, as an assistant Judge in the Supreme Court.

Like what you read? Interested in any of this? Want to register?

Better do it quickly before places go!

Limited spaces on the hottest set of Islamic courses this summer!

To BOOK or for more information please ;

Call 0845 644 0619 or 07960 324 325

Email us at

Visit our website at

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