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Founding Meeting for the National Council of Imams and Islamic Centers

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Founding Meeting for the National Council of Imams and Islamic Centers


Over 100 Islamic Centers Confirmed

On June 4-6, 2004, in Washington, DC, imams and directors of Islamic Centers

from across the nation will meet to ratify the constitution for the

establishment of a National Council for Imams and Islamic Centers in the

United States.

After meetings and discussions with local leaders, regional shura councils

and the national leadership from the Islamic Society of North America

(ISNA), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Muslim American

Society (MAS), the Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA) and others, all

agree the effort is critically needed. Over one hundred Islamic centers from

across the nation have confirmed their participation.

People in America are familiar with the Council of Churches or Council of

Bishops. Thus far, no such structure exists for the American Muslim


The council will serve as a national body coordinating and directing

operations of the nationwide Muslim community, while respecting the

integrity and autonomy of each individual mosque or center. This is an

opportunity for our community to come together across ethnic and

organizational lines both at the local and national level.

MAS has spearheaded the effort after a number of meetings organized by the

Society and ICNA during their joint conventions.

MAS President Souheil Ghannouchi states, "We have driven this process with

the hope that at this meeting, the community will take up this work and make

it their own.

"MAS will do all it can to see this national council become a success."

At this meeting, the new Council will elect officers from the Muslim

community independent of their affiliations to any national organizations or


For more information contact:

The Steering Committee

National Council of Imams and Islamic Centers

703-998-6525 Tel

703-998-6526 Fax

To download NCIIC invitation and registration materials, please click on the


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