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Praise be to Allah, Prayers and Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah,

Recently several websites kicked off promoting what is called "Islamic Therapeutic Energy" or "Islamic Riki". According to those websites, Wodu and movements of Salat are associated with the energy of body, universe and magnetic energy ..etc. In this sense, promoting perfection of Wodu and seeking Khushu during Salat are being replaced by Riki instructions.

In fact, Quran and Sunnah are so comprehensive leaving nothing in terms of details of Wodu and Salat including the reasons. No need for further research or addition as we have to coin down the belief in what Allah may He Be Glorified say " This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.(Quran 5:3).

The Riki practice is widely spread among all age groups turning into a threat as it became the driver for performing Wodu and Salat instead of taking the Niyah of compliance and submitting to Allah's Decrees. This brings an important point, which is that it is advisable to purify and renew the Niyah to be only for the sake of Allah may He Be Glorified. It is very important as in case the Niyah is corrupt or had been made for other than Allah, Wodu and Salat are annulled, which is really serious. This point is clearly reflected in Imam Bukhari's work, as the Hadeeth he used as an introduction to his Sahih happened to be that of the Niyah:

It has been narrated on the authority of Umar b. al-Khattab that the Messenger of Allah () said:

(The value of) an action depends on the intention behind it. A man will be rewarded only for what he intended. The emigration of one who emigrates for the sake of Allah and His Messenger () is for the sake of Allah and His Messenger () ; and the emigration of one who emigrates for gaining a worldly advantage or for marrying a woman is for what he has emigrated. (Sahih Muslim)

In following the divine decrees, the Muslim's Niyah should be intended for the purpose of compliance, surrender, certainty, submissiveness, hope and love to Allah. In this context, Wodu and Salat including all the ordained steps must not be measured against human interpretation based on what is called Science of Islamic Energy (Islamic Riki) in order to maintain well defined Niyah aimed only for compliance with Allah's decree rather than the instructions of Riki coach, and drawing energy or magnetic field.

Allah in the Glorious Quran Say:

"O you who believe! When you intend to offer the prayer, wash your faces and from your hands up to the elbows, wipe your heads, and wash your feet up to the ankles. If you are in a state of sexual impurity, purify yourself. But if you are ill or on a journey or any of you comes from answering the call of nature, or you have been in contact with women and you find no water, then perform tayammum with clean earth and rub therewith your faces and hands. Allah does not want to place you in difficulty, but He wants to purify you, and to complete His Favour on you that you may be thankful." (Quran 5:6)

As it is indicated in the aforementioned noble Ayah, Allah may He Be Glorified detailed accurately the limbs involved in the Wodu process. Not only this, but also distinguished between those limbs that must be washed and others to be wiped. Allah left nothing to our discretion and in this He has wisdom. "We have neglected nothing in the Book, then unto their Lord they (all) shall be gathered." (Quran 6:38).

As for our Messenger, leader and mentor Mohammad Salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam, he addressed the virtue of perfecting Wodu and explained in details the way we should perform salat (standing up, bending down, prostrating, and even how to do the takbeer of entering into Salat), he also explained how to attain Khushu`a during Salat. For example, the following hadeeth explain reasons for perfecting ear wash as this prevents shaytan from urinating into the ear, wiping the head also helps one to elongate the Ghura on the Day of Judgment, and to abstain from looking up to the sky during Salat, etc.

Anas bin Malik (May Allah be pleased with him) said:

The Messenger of Allah () said, "How is it that some people raise their eyes towards the sky during As-Salat (the prayer)?" He stressed (this point) and added, "People must refrain from raising their eyes towards heaven in Salat (prayer), or else their sights will certainly be snatched away."


Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

I heard the Messenger of Allah () saying: "On the Day of Resurrection, my followers (or Ummah) will be summoned 'Al-Ghurr (with white spots on their foreheads) Al-Muhajjalun' (white color on their hands and feet taking the form of an uncle bracelet' i.e it implies radiant light) from the traces of Wudu'. Whoever can increase the area of his radiance should do so."

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

'Abdullah bin Mas'ud (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

Mention was made before the Prophet () of a man who slept throughout the night till morning. The Messenger of Allah () remarked, "He is a man in whose ears Satan urinated."

[Al- Bukhari and Muslim].

Abu Huraira reported:

The Apostle of Allah () said. When any one of you awakes up from sleep and performs ablution, he must clean his nose three times, for the devil spends the night in the interior of his nose.

Sahih Muslim.

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

Messenger of Allah () said, "Should I not direct you to something by which Allah obliterates the sins and elevates (your) ranks." They said: "Yes, O Messenger of Allah". He said, "Performing Wudu' properly, even in difficulty, frequently going to the mosque, and waiting eagerly for the next Salat (prayer) after a Salat is over; indeed, that is Ar- Ribat (it means equal to Ar-Ribat which is confining oneself for the protection of parts of Muslim land vulnerable to attacks from enemies".


Narrated under the authority of Uthman, may Allah Be Pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah () had said: He who performed ablution like this ablution of mine and offered two rakahs of prayer without allowing his thoughts to be distracted, all his previous sins would be expiated. (Muslim).

Umar bin Al-Khattab narrated that :

Allah's Messenger said: 'Whoever performs Wudu, making Wudu well, then says: (Ashhadu an la ilaha illallah, wahdahu la sharika lahu, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan-abduhu wa rasuluhu, Allahummajalni minat tawwabin, waj'alni minal mutatahhirin) 'I testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah Alone, there are no partners for Him. And I testify that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. O Allah! Make me among the repentant, and make me among those who purify themselves.' Then eight gates of Paradise are opened for him, that may enter by whichever of them wishes."

[Jami` at-Tirmidhi 55]

Uthman bin 'Affan (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Messenger of Allah () said, "He who performs the Wudu' perfectly (i.e., according to Sunnah), his sins will depart from his body, even from under his nails."


Having said that, if one ponders on two movements of Salat as an example: Ruku (bending down) and Sujud (prostration). During those two positions, we follow the Sunnah reflected in repeating the supplication of Sobhan Rabyal Azeem during Ruku. Just note that Ruku is the position people used to take before great people, that is why Allah may He be Glorified and Exalted ordained as per the hadeeth to glorify Allah. The same logic applies on the Sujud position In addition, according to hadeeth also, our beloved Messenger salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam informed us that Sujud is when the slave of Allah becomes closest to Allah may He be Glorified and Exalted. Why? First off by being in this position, we undertake that Allah Is the Most Exalted. Second, we prostrate reflecting our obedience to Allah may He be Glorified and Exalted contrary to Iblees, we seek refuge to Allah from his inspiration, who refused to obey Allah and prostrate to Adam. As such, Allah actually Is honoring us by experiencing His closeness while in this position while concurrently clearly acknowledge Allah's Superiority may He be Exalted and undertake being Allah's slaves. And Allah Knows best.

The aforementioned ahadeeth explain the virtues of Wodu to a Muslim which serves as the preparatory stage for going into the meeting with Allah may He be Glorified. Therefore, in order to attain the khushu which we all aspire for and most of us complain for not being able to, this is a link to a thread compiling some tips that help in attaining Khushu

During making Wodu, if we succeed in pondering on the multiple ahadeeth underlining the virtues and Divine blessings, and recalling that we are preparing for our meeting with the Possessor of the kingdom, Creator of skies and earth, it will help much in attaining Khushu. By time and frequently pondering and reflecting and recalling the ahadeeth, we shall by the Grace of Allah may He be Glorified be able to overcome self and shaytan inspiration aimed at removing the khushu from our hearts and deprive us from enjoying Salat.

Instead of taking Wodu instructions from Riki coach, and hear that we fail to perfect Wodu which makes us continue suffering what is called negative energy, we have to maintain following the Quran and Sunnah in doing so, I mean perfecting Wodu, in order to ensure proper Niyah and fulfill our duty to Allah may He be Glorified.

As clearly indicated in the Ayahs of Quran and ahadeeth, Allah may He be Glorified already detailed everything, and it is only for us to ponder and understand. Why do not we focus on reexamining the way of performing Salat and Wodu, specially that Salat is the second pillar of Islam and Wodu is the preceding stage when we prepare for meeting Allah and we need to excel our preparation. Reading and understanding the steps of Wodu and Salat helps in renewing the Niyah, identifying shortcomings in order to correct them in light of sound Islam and not according to what we receive of information from here and there, as the sources had become multiple and each one is trying to give the information he/she is introducing an Islamic identity to ensure people's acceptance. But a Muslim should be prudent and intelligent enough to take time and reflect rather than welcoming any information introduced. This is the difference which Allah endowed upon the children of Adam which is the mind and ability to think and distinguish.

And Allah Knows best!

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Thank you sister Muslimah, I don't know what is RIKI , but as usual your choice is perfect. in fact this is the first time I read about it.
I suggest you put your name in the end of the article

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Brother Hassan, Jazakum Allah khairan, but it is enough that Allah Accepts my deeds, Does not Allah Know?? that is if I did something. Actually we do nothing Akh Hassan compared to Allah's magnificant bounties, may Allah Maintain them.

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