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Abu Hafsat

Two Good Books.

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Salaam everyone,

May I have the pleasure of sharing with you two booklets (hereby attached) for your perusal and study. They are:--

1. "Rujoo'ilallah (Returning to Allah)", by Sayyid Yunus Patel Saheb. This booklet inspires us to repent

sincerely from our sins and create hope in the Mercy and Forgiveness

of Allah Ta'ala, and refresh our commitment to Him.

2. "Zikr-illah", being a collection of 40 Ahadith by Sayyid Muhammad N. Naqshbandi, on Zikr (Remembrance Of Allah).

Zikr can make us realize the real aim of life. Find time to examine this booklet as it will assist in your renewing

the vigour in you when it comes to Worship or Ibadat in Islam.

Enjoy both booklets.



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