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  1. [img:5a79bf04dc]http://www.an-nisaa.org/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=3977[/img:5a79bf04dc]
  2. الحمدلله but is there a rule or is it just usage and i will learn as i go?
  3. طبعآ و لكن if i want, its ureed what is areed? if its i love, it uhibb what is ahibb? if its sit, its ijlis what is ajlis or ujlis? akul is i eat what is ikul or ukul? i know, a'raf what is u'raf or i'raf?
  4. some words for i eat, i sit, start with a other words for i love, i want, start with u is there a rule for the difference?
  5. أين تسكن؟ هل بيتك قريب أم بعيد؟ أي سشارع بيتك؟ أي بيت بيتك؟
  6. إبن زوجة؟ son of my wife (step son) بنت زوجة؟ daugther of my wife (step daugher) أب زوجة؟ father of my wife (father in law) أم زوجة؟ mother of my wife (mother in law) جد؟ grandfather جدة؟ grandmother
  7. متى تقول ما ام ماذا؟
  8. شكرآ أختي
  9. you gotta help me with this one, i dont understand what is being shown here
  10. السلام عليكم؟؟؟ islam message supports arabic now???
  11. muslimah, if you want i could help with the beginners,this way its not all on one person
  12. yes, the sister is correct, being muslim is a trust that we must uphold, even when we are on the internet