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  1. Wa aleikum salam ukhti I'm not angry nor did i answer in capitals. I simply emphasized that yes we stone the adulterer. This is Islam. I must admit, i don't have a great deal of time to go through all the posts and i just skim through. I'm not attacking your methods I'm simply stating my concerns. Thats all. Seems to me that a lot threads lose the plot because of useless debates with the kuffar, and JohnDoe inparticular. Yes we should do dawa'a, but there is a limit to what we tolerate! Is someone debating to understand or just to divert? Thats the point. And the same way we observe adab so should they. Attacking the shariah or islam should not be tolerated! Anyways just my humble opinion. Assalam aleikum
  2. Assalam aleikum Raydiya, I just posted the tafseer of the ayat by Ibn Qayyim. A good reminder for all muslims, wouldn't you agree? And may Allah tala forgive all muslims ameen. Sis Muslimah, I think the post of Abu Dujanah answered your question, no need for me to elaborate.
  3. Assalam aleikum Sis muslimah as you are a moderator on the site. I would like to bring my concerns to your attention. Seems to me the kuffar are given way too much leaway on the site and end up insulting Islam. SubhanAllah. ie. there is a thread which i don't have time to look for. But its about why women are converting to Islam. And it contains verses from the bible. And JohnDoe is clearly attacking the religion. Sneering at the fact we stone the adulterer. There's many comments he made. Maybe if someone could post the thread? sorry i just don't have time to look for it. Yes JohnDoe we STONE the adulterer! There is no such thing as progressive Islam. What applied in shariah 1400.00yrs ago applies now! Anyone says different at best they are a deviant and at worst a kafir. SubhanAllah. Since when do we indulge the ignorant? It should be known that our saying "ignorance is an excuse" does not mean that we encourage and call to ignorance, nor that ignorance has any merits. Rather it is as one of the Salaf said: "Allaah has not been disobeyed with any sin worse than ignorance." I gave Abu Dujanah naseeha as my brother, not because he was to blame. If the kuffar on this site where monitored more carefully, brothers would not react in a hasty manner. If they have a genuine querie, Alhamduilalh. Of course we should make daw'aa but there should also be a limit. A man came to al-Hasan (al-Basree) and said, "I wish to debate with you about the Religion." Al-Hasan replied, "I know my Religion. If you have lost your Religion go out and look for it." Wa AllahuAlim.
  4. Wa aleikum salam sis muslimah Sister a lot of misunderstanding can be avoided as long as we bring da'eel and not speak our own opinions. We are not allowed to have opinions on matters of shariah. "slavery is not part of Islam" Would you please produce da'eel for this. JazakallahKharian.
  5. Assalam aliekum Nice to see you akhee. Alhamduillah. Allah Most High has said: Those who do not bear witness to what is false, but when they pass by pointless talk, pass by with dignity, [25:72] "Show forgiveness, enjoin what is good, and turn away from the foolish." (Al-A`raaf 7:199) If a person abides by this aayah, it would suffice and cure him. It calls for: Good manners in dealing with people: by forgiving them and showing them compassion to the limits of one's character and nature. Fulfilling Allah's rights in people by enjoining what is good, which applies to matters that the minds attest to their goodness and merit, based on what Allah has commanded. Avoiding their evil: to ward off the harm resulting from their ignorance, without trying to avenge himself. From Ibn Qayyim:
  6. Assalam aleikum Discussion boards can be very deceptive, muslims from different countries and cultures. And its difficult to judge a persons intention sometimes. Everyone at different levels in knowlege etc. But the sincere muslim is the one who will be patient and think well of his brother ( lets make 70 excuses). We can benefit one another with a bit of sabr and adab. And this is a good reminder for myself first and then my brothers/sisters. Lets purify our intention, and if youre intention is feesibelillah, so Alhamduillah it doesn't matter what responce you get. Because you still get the hasanat of intention and enjoining the good. From Jaabir (radiyallaahu 'anhu) who said that Allaah's Messenger (salallaahu 'aliahi wa'sallam) said: Do not acquire knowledge in order to compete with the scholars, nor to argue with the ignorant, nor to gain mastery over the gatherings. Since whoever does that, then: The Fire! The Fire! Lets try to be of benefit to one another Inshallah, and i do benefit from your posts! Maybe you could rethink your reasons.....a bit of sabr Abu Dujanah. assalam aleikum wa rahmatuallah
  7. Assalam aleikum I haven't seen any post by our brother Abu Dujanah recently? I for one miss reading them. Just because we may not agree with each other on every word doesn't mean we don't benefit from one another. I hope I see some from the brother soon Inshallah.
  8. Assalam aleikum Abu Dujanah, akhee use hikmah Inshallah. Muslims visit this site and will benefit from your posts but this petty arguing just belittles speak in a cordial manner, or just say salam.....I'm sure you know the hadith.
  9. Assalam aleikum Akhee Abu Dujanah, what is your reference for saying Hassan wed 200 women, from what ive read the figure was in the 80s, just curious as its more than double. Although i agree in principle with what you've said, as a wife Im not quite sure about being compared to a cup! Seems a bit of an imature comparison....maybe cause youre not married yet. We wives are hard work, its not as easy as drinking a cup of tea. And as well as them missing you, they will also be giving you a headache, cause thats what we wives do. Not as easy as you think. And better for you to say Inshallah, regarding treating your future wife/wives well. You have brought up good points, but re: the sahaba marrying numerous women and being poor or astaining from wordly things. Ya ahkee they had taqwa and upheld ALL their obligations of the deen, jihad and in marriage etc. How brothers can say that nowadays ? You brothers have a BIG responsibility in Islam. 30,000.00 sisters raped in Bosnia alone, whats going to be the answer of the so called men of our Ummah regarding this? And the sahaba married the widows and the needy, it wasn't just about variety (which im sure you didn't mean, but your post implied it) Having slave girls is halal, but its war booty......and no one is fighting the war! (with a small exceptions). I'm not trying to divert from the subject, but when we talk about the sahaba marrying or having slave girls, they fullfiled their obligations in every matter. And they feared Allah tala in the smallest of things, so what about human life? Islam is not an negligent religion, if a man wants polygamy, fine thats his right but know the responsibility involved. Lets not belittle the deen just to make a statment. I think there's a bit of tit for tat going on here! And what brother would like to be raised half paralysed, due to his injustice between his wives? No, we want good for our brothers as we want for ourselves. This is a very serious subject, and a BIG responsibility for a brother. Salam ****And how come everyone starts jumping up and down at Abu Dujanah's posts? Where's the dialogue?