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  1. Hello, Salamu Alaikum, Here is a describe for the five daily prayers, according to the vision of Islamic jurisprudence. First, we must understand the difference between the rule in normal cases, and emergency cases. When we talk about prayer. there is a rule for normal situations, and it changes when there are emergencies such as travel, war, disease and fear. In normal cases. (Rak'at) for each prayer is as follows: Fajr : Two Rakats Zuhr : Four Rakats Asr : Four Rakats Maghrib : three Rakats Isha : Four Rakats this is as the Obligatory prayer (Farz). and there is a Voluntary prayer after or before that, You Can Do. as the following details. Fajr (فجر) Prescribed time period "waqt" (Dawn to sunrise, should be read at least 10–15 minutes before sunrise) Voluntary before fard (2 Rakats) Obligatory (2 Rakats) Voluntary after fard (-) Zuhr (ظهر) Prescribed time period "waqt" (After true noon until Asr) Voluntary before fard (4 Rakats) Obligatory (4 Rakats) Voluntary after fard (2 Rakats) Asr (عصر) Prescribed time period "waqt" (Afternoon) Voluntary before fard (-) Obligatory (4 Rakats) Voluntary after fard (-) Maghrib (مغرب) Prescribed time period "waqt" (After sunset until dusk) Voluntary before fard (-) Obligatory (3 Rakats) Voluntary after fard (2 Rakats ) Isha (عشاء) Prescribed time period "waqt" (Dusk until dawn) Voluntary before fard (-) Obligatory (4 Rakats) Voluntary after fard (2 Rakats )
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  4. 200 FAQ on Islamic Beliefs



    One of the aims of Dar Al-Manarah is to explain Islam and its message to the peoples of the world; as Islam is the final message of Allah to mankind. This message was brought over by all the Prophets and Messengers. It is a belief and a special way of life to be emulated by the individual and the whole community. Since the elements of Islam and its doctrines, concerning belief, ethics and conduct may not be fully known; Dar Al-Manarah thought that translating and publishing this book to acquaint with the bases of Islamic Monotheism.
  5. A Call to the Real Salvation



    this file is an Image, exported from an image to PDF, that't why I can not mention a part of it's text to the description here,
  6. A Program of Studies for New Muslims

    Version 2


    Introduction In 1974, the Planning Committee of the Muslim Students' Association of the U. S. and Canada sparked the idea of designing a comprehensive curriculum for American Muslims who have recently embraced Islam. Such curriculum is greatly needed by a large population of Muslims in North America to help them understand Islam as a complete way of life, practice it and live up to its ideals. To satisfy this need, the task of producing the curriculum and its supportive material was entrusted to the Department of Education, Publication and Information. Through the efforts of that Department and the Islamic Teaching Center, Dr. Mohammad Moinuddin Siddiqui undertook to work out" A Program of Studies for New Muslims." His deep commitment to Islam and conviction of the significance of education as a crucial vehicle for social change prompted him to devote his time and finish the first stage of this tremendous and challenging work. The second stage is the writing of text books which are specifically tailored to the sequential level series of this program of studies.
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  14. Dou'aa, Calling Allah


    From the album Images I used in my Blog

    Islam means obedience to God. And it is a matter of common sense that this obedience cannot ensure in full measure unless man knows certain basic facts of live and reposes firm faith in them