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  1. asslaam-u-alaikum, i read all 10 of the excuses and maashalla the reply's were wounderful, but i just wanted to ask what you would say if someone used these as excuses: 1) no one in my family wears it so i just feel out of place. 2)that they arent ready for it, meaning that they cant go with out back chatting someone and gossip and all that. 3) i can't get a boy to look at me. allah hafiz
  2. asslaa-u-alaikum im 15 an i wear da scarf an i see oder gurls wearin it aswel which makes me very happy but da oder gurls ave boyfrendz an all. y do dey wear da scarf if der gnna give oder ppl who wear da scarf bu aint lyk dem a bad name aswell????????????? i get questioned from my frendz abou dis i try 2 say 2 my frendz dat dey cud be wid der brother , husband or even farther bu den dey torment me wid da way da gurl in scarf wo acting in da guy, wot shud i do???????? Wasslaam-u-alikum Allah hafiz 2 all!