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  1. Asalam~O~Alykum I totally agree with sister Muslimah. U should hold on and keep on fighting for what the Quran and the Sunnah said and ask us to do. Inshllah if u keep on talking to this person in a nice way and not arguing inshallah everything will turn fine. Also pray 4 them a lot and don't forget the dua'a an istekarah. That's the most important things to do. Inshallah Allah will never leave u alone. Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah
  2. Asalam~O~Alykum This is a poem my friend wrote about Palestinian children. She wants me 2 share it with u. My friend sent it to me to post it on the website so we could remind ppl that there r still children in Palestine who die and suffer from this war. It seems like that everyone have been soooo busy with their own problems that they forgot about their brothers and sisters who die in Palestine everyday. Hope this reminds ppl who forgot. Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah I threw myself on the floor, Screaming please, no more! I was on my knees, Begging God please. Palestinian girl killed, Palestinian boy killed, Palestinian son dies, Palestinian mom cries. I raised my hands, looked to the sky, Please Allah, hear a little child's cry. Another suicide bombing- this time my brother, I can't stand to see another tear on the face of my mother. Palestinian girl killed, Palestinian boy killed, Palestinian son dies, Palestinian mom cries. I know Allah up there hears me, If you want My Help, My slaves must have sympathy, Allah hears me, it's the muslims that don't, They won't turn to Allah, I just don't get why they won't. Palestinian girl killed, Palestinian boy killed, Palestinian son dies, Palestinian mom cries. Allah won't help us because of the way muslims are, From their religion they are so far. They say they support us, I'm living a lie, No wonder they can't hear a little child's cry. Palestinian girl killed, Palestinian boy killed, Palestinian son dies, Palestinian mom cries. If you want the occupation to end like you say, And so our people won't have to suffer another day, Let the good come from within, And rid us of the terror we live in. Palestinian girl killed, Palestinian boy killed, Palestinian son dies, Palestinian mom cries. I send a message to all muslims out there, You're throwing us to Israel allowing more hearts to tear. If you don't surrender to Allah and his Quraan, Israel will continue to plan. Palestinian girl killed, Palestinian boy killed, Palestinian son dies, Palestinian mom cries. Every day homes destroyed, people killed, for a child to see it's a terrible sight, We children can no longer put up a fight. Can't sleep every night scared I'm gonna die. People out there, hear your children cry. Palestinian girl killed, Palestinian boy killed, Palestinian son dies, Palestinian mom cries. by = Salma Sidki
  3. Asalam~O~Alykum Amean ya rab. Thanx alot SisterJennifer for the dua'a. Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah
  4. Asalam~O~Alykum This Ramadan al7dmuallah I stopped watching TV. u know (Mosalsalt) in the past I use 2 watch all Arabic series that came on TV during Ramadan. Al7amduallah this year I didn't watch any. I hope it stays that way. Also I got to stay from Salat El 3sha2 until Fajr at the Mosque or in other words ( اعتكاف ). It was sooooooooooooooo great mashallah. It was my first time. Hope that everyone will try it next year. Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah
  5. Asalam~O~Alykum Mashallah it was really good. It made me feel soooooooooooooooooo scard. Gazak Allah khairan for making us remember that death is always near and that we won't live 4ever. Thanx Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah
  6. Asalam~O~Alykum I wanted to ask if it is possible to divide the arabic section in to more sections like the english b/c i dont think that some of the subjects that we post r related to each other. So tell me if we could do that. Thanx Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Msriahmuslimah
  7. Asalam~O~Alykum Welcome back. Long time no c. We r happy that ur in great health al7amduallah. Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah
  8. Asalam~O~Alykum Amean ya rab al3almean bass I still have a very important point. Allah won't help us unless we go and ask him for help. We need to make everyone wake up and see what is going on around them. Look at how some gurls dress and they call themselves Muslims. Also the killing of Muslims without any reason. Allah said that this Umma wouldn’t fall unless they fight each other. Look at how the Arab leaders fight when they meet in their stupid meeting that doesn’t solve anything. All of them live in luxury and their ppl are starving and living bad life. Saydna 3mar didn't sleep b/c he was afraid that someone would need something. U know if we changed and became better ppl Allah will reward us with good Muslim leaders who will make us proud as Sala7 Al Dean and Kotoze and more. Plz pray that Ummat Al Islam become one and may allah return its glory and return ppl back to the right path. Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah
  9. Asalam~O~Alykum Salaat al-tasaabih! the GLORIFICATION Prayer! Ibn Abbas reported that the Prophet (Sal-allahu-aleihi-wasallam) said to Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib: "O Abbas, my uncle! Shall I not make a present to you ? Shall I not make a gift to you ? Shall I not infrom you ? Shall I not produce in you ten virtues when you will do that, Allah will forgive your sins, its first and its last, its past and its present, its involuntary and its voluntary, its small and its great, its secret and its open. (That is): You should pray four (4) rakats reading in each rakat the Opening of the Book (Sura Fatiha) and a sura. When you become free from reading in the first rakat while you are standing, you shall utter 15 times "Subhan Allah-e-Wa-Al Hamd-o-lillah-e-Wala-Ilaha-Ilallaho-Wallaho-Akbar" [Glory to be Allah and All Praise is for Allah and There is no deity but Allah and Allah is the Greatest]; then you shall bow down and utter it 10 times while you are in bowing;next you shall raise up your head from bowing and utter it 10 times;next you shall prostrate down and utter it 10 times while you are in prostration;next you shall raise up your head from prostration and utter it 10 times;next you shall prostrate down again and utter it 10 times in prostration;next you shall raise up your head and utter it ten times. And that will be 75 times in each rakat. You shall do it in the four rakats. If you are able to pray it once in every day, do so; and if you are unable to do so then once in every week; if you are (still) unable to do so, then once in every month; if you are still unable to do so them once in a year; if you are (still) unable to do so, then once in your life. Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, Tirmizi narrated a similar Hadith from Abu Rafe and Baihaqi narrated this Hadith in Dawat-ul-Kabir. Hadith No.1252 of Mishkat Al-Masabih. Note: This salat is very pleasing, will be completed in 15-20 minutes. Please do not count the numbers while praying, instead you can press your fingers to remember. In case, you utter the less Tasbeeh in one posture, complete the numbers in the next posture. Also for the 2nd an the 4th ruk`aat, the glorification should be uttered before the Qaedah (taHiyaatu!). Best of luck and i hope u take time doing this prayer during these last blessed days of Ramadan! ur sincere sr, A`ishanur ( Oh, Allah You Are the Forgiver, u love Forgiveness, forgive us then! ~~Ramadan is a month whose beginning is Mercy, whose middle is forgivensss and whose end is freedom from fire~~ The Prophet, fullest peace be upon him
  10. Asalam~O~Alykum Allah! the Pardoner, the forgiver! Allahuma inaka `afun ( the pardoner), tuHibu al-`afuwa (u love to pardon), f`fu `anaa (pardon us!) My respected sisters and Brothers, Salaamu Allahi 3alaykum wa raHamtuhu wa Barakaatuhu! inshaAllah todays topic is going to find each one of u in ur best of heath and eman! Well, tonight is the night of 27th! so 3-4 more days! The blessed days are passing us! and we should all means try our best to fire our energy within those days and can get rest later during Eid! Meanwhile, we should pray MORE than alot, and i wanted to attach the following hadiith narrated by Abu Huraira, which says, It is reported by Abu Hurayra (ra) that the Messenger of Allah (Sallalahu Aliaihi WaSallam) said: "None of you should say: 'O Allah! Forgive me if You wish,' or 'Bestow Your Mercy on me if You wish,' or 'Provide me with means of subsistence if You wish,' but he should be firm in his request, for Allah does what He will and nobody can force Him (to do anything)." So be firm and ask wat ever u have in mind and inshaAllah it will be implented for u! Also, remember, today is Friday, and recall the hour of forgiveness! Most scholars state that it is the hour around sunset ! so, use this time effectively and prayers are mustajaab! Also, our assigned Qur`anic reading for Fridays are alwaz surat al-Kahif, chapter 15th!! Also, send extra prayers upon the prophet! so lets start with today's topic! Tonight is the night of the 27th of Ramadan in some countries, and what many scientists and many of the Companions believe it is Laylat el Qadr, although as we have said this is not definite and that the prophet pbuh said to look out for it on the layaali al-wetriya (odd nights) of Ramadan. Tonight or tomorrow night in some countries, have a very special night. Some of the scientists looked at surit Qadr and saw that the number of words in it were 30, and found that [Peace! This (is)] is the 27th word, just an example of some theories there are about the time of it, but what remains is that we’re looking for this night. People are looking for this night, and it may be tonight. Remember on the night of the 20th when we looked at the value of this night? But I saved some of the value of this night until tonight so that whoever forgot since then, would regain that feeling of this special night. So look at the verses [We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power: And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is?] Remember we said it was called the Night of Power from its great value, and because the people’s blessings will be valued on this night, everything, our blessings, our happiness, our fate, all is linked to this night. [And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is?” It will be difficult for your brain to comprehend. [better than a thousand Months] Imagine, that people go to perform Omra and go around the ka’aba and prayed in the Masjid al Haram, 2 prostrations there are worth 100 hasana, and 2 prostrations in the Masjid Al Nabawy are worth 1000 hasana, so they were praying so much so that they could get multiple hasanat. Maybe people at home watch them at home and cry for they are not able to be there for whatever reason, perhaps it’s a women without a Mihrim, or an old man who is not able to go. Then God sws comes and tells us that you can also gain thawab better than 1000 months, 84 years worth of thawab from your own home. [Therein come down the angels and the spirit by God’s permission]. There will be so many angels coming down, imagine all these angels coming down to earth. Imagine that the angels in the sky, the prophet says that there is not the space of 3 fingers in heaven without an angel standing, prostrating, or kneeling in worship of God. Why [by God’s permission]? They ask permission to come down to earth on that night, can you imagine that the angels have to ask permission and there are people on this earth who are just wasting time and do not think about what’s happening. Why do they want to come down to earth? Because the earth on this night has a very special importance, because this night on earth is greater than a thousand months. Look at how the verse says [Therein come down the angels and the spirit by God’s permission, on every errand], saying [spirit] not Gabriel, because it’s as if his coming down is bringing back the spirit to earth bringing back the light into people’s hearts who are far away from good, and brings them closer to God sws. What are the angels made of? The angels are made of light, and the attributes of light are enlightenment and being able to see. The devils are created of fire is rotting and burning but do you know what, this night there won’t be any devils on this night. This is a night of light. How many people are enlightened on this night? If you know the numbers of how many people are enlightened on this night then you would know that this is a night filled with light. [Peace! This until the rise of Morn!], so why the rise of Morn? It’s as if the rise of this morn is like a new dawn for islam, for you. Does anyone understand the value of this night? OK, let’s assume that tonight is Laylat el qadr, what will happen tonight? Sayida aisha will give us the key to this night. She was asking the prophet “If I reached this night, what should I do?” The prophet told her to supplicate to God with this prayer: “Allahom innaka afo tohib ek afw fa’fwo ‘anny” as much as possible. This is the key. What is the name of God’s Gracious names did the prophet choose here? Al ‘Afo (the Pardoner) But why this of God’s Gracious names? Why not Al Ghafoor (the Forgiver)? Or the Repenter? We all want Him to forgive us for our sins, don’t we? Because el A’fo means the eraser of something completely, but Ghafoor means He who covers for your mistakes. What’s better, that something is totally erased for you, or just covered up?! It’s as if it was just forgiven it would still be recorded by the angels but it has been forgiven, but if it has been pardoned it as if it won’t appear at all! What’s my goal for tonight? I want you to feel this shyness towards God and love towards him, and that you can keep praying tonight to Him The Pardoner. I want you to love The Pardoner, who loves to Pardon. It means that the sin will not even be there, the angels will forget it and perhaps the angels of the right and left hand sides do not remember it, and perhaps there will be something you can’t even remember because God erased it for you last Ramadan! As in the record is white! Like in the Hajj, when your sins are erased as if you’re a newborn baby again. And look, the Pardoner has another meaning that He doesn’t just erase it, but He is also pleased with you! The Forgiver may forgive you for your mistakes but not be pleased with you. This is why when you have upset someone if you ask them if they have forgiven you they may say yes, but if you ask them if they are pleased with you they may still say that they cannot say so yet. He is also pleased with you! This is the most valuable level in life you can get to! This night is a night of being pleased with you. If you reach this night worshipping God, then He will be pleased with you. And also, the words of pardoning always come in the Quran after the major disaster. Even on the night of Badr, the people who left the prophet on that night. [Those of you who turned back on the day the two hosts met, it was Satan who caused them to fail, because of some (evil) they had done. But God is Oft-forgiving, most Forbearing.] (Al Imran) The major sins don’t have any other solution other than for God to pardon them. The pardoning is not just for the after life but also in this world. This world is filled with afflictions and tribulations. We all have major problems in our lives and there are people, at this very moment, people who are suffering from illness, from a husband who is mistreating her. The prophet says that tragedies will not occur without an act of disobedience, and it will not be removed without repentance. So what is the solution? To supplicate to God! Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anna! If God pardons you this night, this tragedy may be gone for you by next year. Pray this Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anna, after every prostration! Not only that but last year’s sins will be erased, and not only that but He would be pleased with you. Increase your prayers to God. I see people who pray every night, “ Be pleased with me God” “God are you happy with me God?” Every night! If you reach this night then God will be happy with you. Let’s listen to the ahadeeth which talk about Al ‘Afo. So your heart can feel it, and be filled with hope that tonight may be Laylat el Qadr. Listen to the hadeeth of the prophet. There is not a night that goes past when the sea doesn’t ask God to drown the con of Adam for eating from your own blessings but worshipped other than You” The earth says , let me swallow the son of Adam for he ate from your own blessings but worshipped other than You!” Then God sws says “No! Leave them, for if you had created them then you could destroy them!” From another hadeeth “Oh son of Adam, if you came to Me with sins as many as the sand of the earth, then came to me saying you will not worship other than Me, I will give them back as much as the sand of the earth in forgiveness.” Even if he made a hundred mistakes, if he goes back and prays for His forgiveness, God will forgive him. It doesn’t mean to go out and disobey God because He will always forgive you, but don’t give up on God’s forgiveness and go back to him and ask Him to forgive you no matter how much you have disobeyed Him. From a hadeeth, God said that He is so angry at someone who does not believe that God may forgive him because his sin was so big, because you are not believing that He is The Pardoner. Tonight is the night of ‘afw - Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anna! Listen to the hadeeth of Allah. “Oh son of Adam, I created you using My own Hands, and gave you hearing and seeing! Oh son of Adam! I cover for your mistakes and you do not fear me! I mention you and you forget Me! I am embarrassed in front of you and you are not embarrassed in front of Me! Who has asked me for something and I have not given it to them? Who has stood at my door and I have turned them away? Am I selfish that my servant is selfish to Me.” Truthfully, who is the one who closes the door on the other? Have you ever gone to Him and prostrated to Him and He didn’t answer your prayers? Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anna! Have you felt how He loves to Pardon yet? Tonight is a night of pardoning! A man went to the prophet saying “Oh prophet of God, I have disobeyed God many times, and committed many sins. Will God forgive me if I went back to Him?” The prophet said, “Yes, He forgives and pardons!”, and the man said “what about my disloyalties and arrogance?” and the prophet said “And your disloyalties and arrogance!” and the man repeated his question three times, each time with the prophet saying “Yes God will forgive you!” Can you feel this meaning now? He loves to pardon! Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anna. If you are forgiven and pardoned tonight and He is pleased with you, your name will be mentioned tonight by the angels and the prophets! subHanaAllah! Even the non-believers, He said to them [say to the Unbelievers, If (now) they desist (from Unbelief), their past would be forgiven them] (Al Anfal) Even the non-believers, if they repented then He will forgive them. Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anna. Tonight, in order for this pardoning to happen, it is a night of being humble in front of God, of remorse, tonight is a night of asking for repentance, and forgiveness and promising not to do whatever it was you did last year to disobey Him. Even sayidna Adam, after he ate from the tree and disobeyed God, was scared that God would not accept him. After he repented and cried and was in fear, as if God told him in the words of today “Oh Adam! If I protected you and your children from making mistakes, then from whom would I achieve my dream of your asking me for my forgiveness and my mercy. Oh Adam! You all ask me to protect you from disobedience, but if I protected all of you, then who would I prefer by allowing them to come to me to ask for my forgiveness when I am the Forgiver and the Merciful. Oh Adam! You used to come to us as a king to other kings, but now you come to us as a servant to kings, and this is more loved by us. Oh Adam! Don’t be hurt by My saying to you to leave heaven, for I created heaven for you! But go down to the earth, and plant the seeds of Taqwa (God-fearing), and live from my sake, until thy longing for me grows, then come back to me and I will return you to heaven. Oh Adam! A mistakes which you come to us in humility for, is more loved by us than an act of obedience which you do only to be seen by Us. The lament of a disobeyer is more loved by Us than the tasbeeh of the ones who want to be seen” Let God hear your lamenting. And say to Him Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anna. Pardon is not only this night, look at His pardon on the day of judgement. ‘Araby went to the prophet pbuh and asked him who was going to judge us on the day of judgement and the prophet said “Allah!”. He asked him if it would really be Him who would do it and when the prophet answered yes he said Allaho Akbar and smiled, that the prophet asked him what had made him so happy to which he replied “Oh prophet of God, the Generous, if He judged then He would pardon and He would forgive.” So the prophet said “ And there is no more Generous than God. Al A’raby has told the truth! God, if He judged then He would pardon and He would forgive!” Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anny! Look at His pardon. He will ask His servants to come close to Him and will then say to him “Can you remember such and such disobedience?” so that His servant will think that he is going to be destroyed when God says to Him “Oh My servant, I covered for your mistakes in the world, and here I will forgive it for you today. Go, my servant into heaven.” Can you imagine the happiness in your heart as you hear the sound of God saying to you to go into heaven? And then the angels go and take you into heaven. Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anny. Can you imagine this pardon? It will envelop you, but go to Him humble, tell Him you don’t have anyone else but Him. There is a rule for you to be pardoned? Forgive people. The prophet knew what this day was and was going out to tell the companions but found 2 of them arguing and he ended up getting distracted by their arguing that he forget about the night! Be careful, this night could be lost to you because of an argument. Forgive people, don’t hold anything bad against anyone in your heart. Supplicate to God and be humble in front of him. The practical work for tonight is to forgive anyone we might be happy with, and if there was something you call them and say Tomorrow is the last Friday in Ramadan, and the majority of scientists agree that the hour which our supplications will be answered is the last hour before Maghrib prayers. Why don’t we agree that we will all pray to God to succeed this omma at this time? A great Du’aa for the omma! And I will be on the internet supplicating with you at this time. Allahom innaka ‘afo tohibo el ‘afw fa’fo ‘anna. Oh, Allah You Are the Forgiver, u love Forgiveness, forgive us then! ~~Ramadan is a month whose beginning is Mercy, whose middle is forgivensss and whose end is freedom from fire~~ The Prophet, fullest peace be upon him
  11. Asalam~O~Alykum Thanx alot sister Muslimah i got it now. Salam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah
  12. Asalam~O~Alykum Eid Mubarak to all of u and to Omet Mohamed agm3yn. Hope u have a happy Eid and spend it with joy of Allah's forgiveness after Ramadan. Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah:D
  13. Asalam~O~Alykum I couldn't' resist reading ur article. Inshallah bithn allah all banat al-umma will come back 2 the right track. As Dan said about Bush. Its true he puts his nose in everything even what other countries teach to their childeren in school. When will he stop. Yesterday I saw him on TV where he went 2 England 2 meet with Tony Blare. OMG both of them didn't know what 2 say and both of them looked as if they want 2 kill each other. Did u c all the ppl who protested when Bush came 2 England? I guess ppl over there really hates him. Well all the ppl in the world hates him except his mum and dad. Well I guess some day he will know that he made a fool of him self. Ppl must make mistakes in order to learn, but 4 him it will be 2 late b/c the entire world will be at war against him. Daddy won’t be able to help him now. :cool: Salam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Masriahmuslimah
  14. Asalam~O~Alykum THE POWER OF DU`AA, SUBLICATION TO ALLAH! OH Allah u r the FORGIVER, U LOVE FORGIVENESS, FORGIVE US THEN! Dear sisters and Brother, Salamu Allah be upon all of u wa raHmatuhu wa Barakaatuhu in these blessed days of Ramdaan! i just want to encourage u further toward the thawaabs of laylat al-qadir, we have about 5-6 days left (time is running so please act now!! Please fire ur energy and spent it wisely! It is the time of sincere prayers, ask Allah wat ever u want! We have planned to do tahajud everyday inshaAllah starting 2am starting the 1st day of the `ashir al-awaakhir (the last ten day of Ramadaan)! What about the women with their periods? I want to thank the sisters who brought this to my attention by emailing me, All u have to do is T.R.Y TO remember God and pray to him (du3a, sublications) and may God know from you heart that you wished you could have woken up praying. And know all our deeds are based and ONLY based on our sincere intentions! So todays topic is more for sisters with period, hopefully when u read Ramadanic topic of today, u will have a smile on ur face and not have the sadness that u will miss praying laylat al-qadir! For other sisters and brothers, our daily Tahajud appointments are 2am! so please consider this for me! So lets start with today's topic! There have been so many replies on the website especially for the program about calling people to God and people wanting to know how they can do this and so motivated to help succeed Islam. The programmes which we’ll be doing following Ramadan will be called "the prophetic path of life?"the path of the Prophet's life is his Sunnah!(sonnaa’ el 7aya), and will focus on how we can create our lives and make them successful. Sayida aisha asked the prophet what’s the thing she should do most on Laylat el qadr, and he told her du’aa, and taught her the prayer of Allahoma innaka a’fow tohibo al afw fa’afo ‘anna (plz over sublicate this prayer, Oh Allah u r the FORGIVER, u love FORGIVENESS, FORGIVE US THEN OH ALLAH). We have talked about du’aa and praying to God a lot but I want us to encourage each other to do this and enliven this feeling that our prayers will be answered and to pray God with a full heart, confident that God will answer. From the hadeeth, a man came to the prophet pbuh and asked him whether God is far away that we have to shout to Him or is close that we can whisper to Him? The prophet didn’t reply but God sent down the verse [When My servants ask Thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them) I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me] (bakarah) What more do you want?! The first thing to note is, was the question too difficult that the prophet didn’t answer? The answer to this question had to come from God. With every question asked to the prophet which God replies to in the quran, His reply has always started with [say to them]. For example [They ask thee concerning wine and gambling. Say: In them is great sin] (bakara) and [They ask Thee what is lawful (as food) Say: lawful unto you are (all) things good and pure] (al maida). Apart from this one [When My servants ask Thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them) I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me]. That’s it, we’ve come to the conclusion of this programme! Look at the beauty of the word [close (to them)], and the feeling when you raise your hands and pray to Him. Also, look at how He said not the believer, so that no one can say that they have performed so many sins that He will not listen to their du’aa, He will! Then He says [when he calleth on Me] as if it is up to you, it’s there but you have to ask for it. If anyone has something you want, then pray to God. What I’m doing now is trying to move your heart so that you can feel this du’aa inside it for perhaps this place we are in now will be a place for prayers to be answered. When sayidna zakariya walked in on sayida maryam and saw how she always had blessings from God and asked her where it had come from and she had answered that it was from God. So he prayed to God right then and His prayer was answered. Inside his heart he truly felt it. Look also how He didn’t specify a time, not at the fajr, or when he repents only [when he calleth on Me]. This verse came down after the verses after the verses about fasting, as if the meaning that the thing that would mean that yor prayers will be answered for sure is that you would have been fasting, so what about if you are in the last 10 days. Listen to the verse again: [When My servants ask Thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them) I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me] Listen to this one [And your Lord says: “Call on Me; I will answer your prayer] (ghafer). If you go to a person to tell your problems to, then they may turn you away, but God is asking you to come to Him. Then what about the people who don’t pray to God? [but those who are too arrogant to serve Me will surely find themselves in Hell – in humiliation!] (ghafer) God sees this as being too arrogant for there is no one of us who doesn’t have problems, or is wishing for something, or have a certain intention, a certain wish? I want to ask a question, how do people not go to God when they all have problems. How do we go running to people to help us when we have the strongest weapon within our hands. God listens to the prayers of a sinner even, so what about the believers, and imagine if it’s near laylat el qadr? You who are wishing to wear the hijab for so long, have you prayed to God? Or you who is complaining about your brother who is sinning, maybe he is taking drugs, have you prayed to God to help him? Ask Him! There is a hadeeth that God said that if everyone, including jinns, all got up and asked Him for whatever they wanted, it would not touch His store of blessings as a needle dipped into the sea doesn’t make it any less - Can you imagine if all mankind got together and prayed for the maximum things they wanted, God’s store will never deplete. The prophet said there is nothing God loves most about His servants is raising his hands to Him and asking Him for what he wants. Whoever doesn’t ask God for anything and pray to Him makes Him angry. From another hadeeth, du’a is worshipping. So what about praying, fasting? The whole point of worshipping is to feel your weakness, and need and humility in front of God. You can pray and fast and not feel something within yourself because there’s something missing, but there’s no way you can put up your hands up to God and not feel this within yourself. That’s why the prophet said that du’aa is worship. Feel that you are a servant to God, don’t be arrpogant in your prayers! Look at the hadeeth of the prophet saying not to despair from God, for God will not cause tragedies in your life with this problem if you pray to Him about it. From another hadeeth, God is so generous and feels embarrassed of not giving His servant with nothing in return – so du’aa will be answered, so why are you not praying to God? We’re in laylat el qadr, then pray for everything you want! We’re not just praying our problems to be solved, but we are also praying as part of worshipping, and also to learn humility towards God. Pray a lot tonight, for it laylat el qadr may be tonight so pray a lot. Look at the examples of God answering your prayers. Each of the first three suras in the Quran end with du’aa. [show us the straight way, The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray] Ameen (Al Fatha) [Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error; our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which Thou didst lay on those before us] (al bakara) [Our Lord! We have heard the call of one calling (Us) to Faith, ‘Believe ye in the Lord’, and we have believed. Our Lord! Forgive us our sins, blot out from us our iniquities, and take Thyself our souls in the company of the righteous.] As if the first 3 suras are saying that you must perform du’aa. How could anyone have a sure weapon and not use it, why not?! Who has made your life difficult, pray to God against him! Look at the prayer of sayidna ibrahim which took thousands of years to be answered [“My Lord, make this a City of Peace, and feed its people with fruits”] (bakarah). Mecca is now the haven for muslims until the day of judgement. Could anyone have believed this of the desert which Ibrahim was in? Oh you people who are hoping to be closer to God, oh you youth who have become more religious in ramadan and wish to stay like this, pray to God – ya rab thabitny! OH! Allah strength me to stay this way after Ramadaan! I saw wonderful things coming from du’aa. In 1991, I had a sister in islam, I was praying 9 years for her, and then after all those years, she turned into something totally different. Pray, and work hard at this prayer. Abu hurayra went to the prophet and complained to him about his mother who always swore about the prophet. He asked the prophet to pray for her so the prophet raised his hands and prayed for Abu Hurayra’s mother. Then when Abu Hurayra went home, as soon as he saw his mother, she said Ashhado an La ilaha illa Allah wa anna Mohamad rasool Allah. He was so happy and went back to the prophet to tell him and asked him to pray for him and his mother to be loved by muslims and to love muslims – look at how great this prayer is! How many times have you prayed to God since we were born? How many were answered? You know what happened. The devil comes back after you have prayed for something from God and makes you forget that the prayer you asked for and which was answered was because of your prayer. Thousands of prayers have been answered but the devil has made us forget. The last third of the night is a time when the prayers will be answered. From the hadeeth, there is an hour when anyone who asks for whatever they want, their prayer will be answered. When asked which hour, the prophet said it’s in the end of the night, the last third (the hours i suggested for the Tahajud at the top is strongly recommended! these are at the last third of the night) From another hadeeth, the prophet said that when we are prostrating our prayers will be answered. Because we are putting our heads down for God. Another time is when we complete the quran - think about it, were coming to completing it now so gather your friends and pray a lot. Another time when prayers are answered is between the athan and the start of the prayer, and when breaking your fast. The companions used to say something beautiful. They said that they had a set of prayers which they always repeated, and they said that by God they were all answered before the following Ramadan. Why don’t you try and see? Also, on Fridays. On a Friday, there is an hour when God will not return a du’aa. Some of the most knowledgeable say it’s the hour before the maghrib prayer. Either then or at the time of the Friday prayer. Another thing is when someone is repenting. Sheikh sha’rawy once met a 17 year old girl who had just started wearing the hijab and he asked her to pray for him because she had repented and her prayers will be answered! The rules for our performing du’aa in order for them to be answered are: 1) Confidence that it will be answered – don’t just pray like you are not sure about it, but strongly, and confident about what you are asking for. 2) Humility – the more you go to Him in weakness against His greatness, the more likely for your prayer to be answered. 3) Patience – people who despair of praying when it would have come to him had he kept praying for it. 4) Clean source of money – your money has to be halal Whoever applies this, his du’a must be answered. Are there certain performances we must do at the time of praying? Yes: 1) Raise your hands to the sky 2) Being clean 3) Thanking God 4) Pray on the prophet (pbuh) 5) Starting with calling him with his descriptors, his names, like in the fatha (remember yesterday's lectures, calling Allah with his 99 names, EXTRA HELPFUL!) 6) Repetition 7) Spending sadaka so that you can cleanse your money Prepare your map of du’aa for the last days in Ramadan; your family, your children, your money, don’t forget the people in palestine. Whoever prays for someone who’s not there, then your prayer for them will be answered and the same for you. Whenever u pray for an individual, a Malika will pray for u, So imagine if u prayer for the WHOLE Omma, same number of Malika will pray for u!! subHanaAllah So, lets pray, Allahuma inaka afun, tuHibu Al-afuuwa, fi3fu Anaaa! Balighnaaa laylat al-qadir!! Oh, Allah You Are the Forgiver, u love Forgiveness, forgive us then! ~~Ramadan is a month whose beginning is Mercy, whose middle is forgivensss and whose end is freedom from fire~~ The Prophet, fullest peace be upon him
  15. السلام عليكم انا اسمي مصريه مسلمه و عندي 15 سنه و انا من مصر