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  1. Bismillah As salam alaikum I ask Allah to bless and strengthen those who have the courage to wear the hijab. I feel a renewal of faith when I see a sister out in public wearing it. The hijab and dressing modestly are a courageous stance against what the Western culture is trying to do. It is a very sneaky trick of men to convince women that exposing themselves and objectifying themselves is freedom. To me it is the exact opposite. Spending hours of time trying to fit into the mold of beauty that has been falsely created. Look at the times before Islam. Women were treated as objects and exposed themselves like they are today. Before the battle of Uhud, Abu Sufyan's wife, Hind, along with other women of the Mushrikeen sang: "Advance forward and we shall embrace you Advance forward and we shall spread carpets before you Turn your backs and we shall avoid you Turn your backs and we shall never come to you" The only thing that they beleived they had to offer was their bodies and used them as leverage. This is very similar to what is happening now. On tv and movies, women get their goals accomplished through sexual means. Very rarely do we see a woman acclaimed for anything other than her beauty. I recommend the book by Katherine Bullock, a convert to Islam. "Rethinking Muslim Women and the Veil: Changing Historical and Modern Stereotypes" is based on her doctoral thesis. It discusses the issues she faced when she converted to Islam and it also provides good refutations to those who claim the veil is a symbol of oppression. Allah orders what is best for his people. Remember that we do not always have to have reasons other than Allah says to do it. As muslims, we hear and we obey. If people cannot accept that then they are no better than the fuel for the Hellfire that they are. jazakum Allah Khairun May Allah strengthen us to follow the Prophet's sunnah, Allah's Commands until we are blessedly returned to our Creator in Paradise forever.