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  1. alhamdulillah!
  2. since none of us r mufti's and scholars i think u should "ask the imam"
  3. sorry for not welcoming u early ive just been away 4 a while..ive been to New Zealand. Auckland. Mount Roskill dont know if uve heard of it spent 5 weeks there it was ok but very hot ... ne wayz nice to see new members and hope u can add to this forum
  4. 'Rats' slur writer is facing Muslim race case An Italian author who wrote an attack on Muslims, calling their culture rotten and backward and saying "the sons of Allah are multiplying like rats", was accused of inciting racial hatred in Paris. Oriana Fallaci, 73, an Italian journalist now living in New York, was unable to attend the court hearing as she has cancer. She first published her polemic against Islam, titled The Rage and the Pride, in an Italian newspaper but such was its impact that it was turned into a best-selling book. If successful, the case against her will set a precedent in French law. Up to now, only the public prosecutor or official anti-racist associations have been allowed to bring cases alleging incitement to racial hatred. Ms Fallaci's accusers are 11 young Muslim men from the Lyons suburbs. "When a victim is clearly designated, the sons of Allah, why should I, a Muslim, not feel victimised?" asked their lawyer, Gilles Devers. "I have as strong a claim as the associations." Ms Fallaci's lawyers, and those of her French publisher, Plon, said allowing individuals to bring such cases would create a class of "thought police" tying up writers with endless frivolous lawsuits. They also argued that victims must suffer an expressly targeted prejudice. A similar case against Ms Fallaci was brought by French anti-racist associations last year but was rejected on technicalities. The judgment on the latest case will be heard next month. She renowned as one of the few western women to have interviewed the Ayatollah Khomneini, the late Iranian revolutionary leader, and for ripping off her chador - the all-covering garment she was obliged to wear -at the end of the encounter.
  5. 1. Our Knowledge: Wasted by not taking action with it 2. Our Actions: Wasted by committing them without sincerity. 3. Our Wealth: Wasted by using on things that will not bring us reward from Allah. We waste our money, our status, our authority, on things which have no benefit in this life or in the أkhirah (hereafter). 4. Our Hearts: Wasted because they are empty from the love of Allah, and the feeling of longing to go to Him, and a feeling of peace and contentment. In it's place, our hearts are filled with something or someone else. 5. Our Bodies: Wasted because we don't use them in ibadah (worship) and service of Allah. 6. Our Love: Our emotional love is misdirected, not towards Allah, but towards something/someone else 7. Our Time: Wasted, not used properly, to compensate for that which has passed, by doing what is righteous to make up for past deeds. 8. Our Intellect: Wasted on things that are not beneficial, that are detrimental to society and the individual, not in contemplation or reflection. 9. Our Service: Wasted in service of someone who will not bring us closer to Allah, or benefit in Dunyم. 10. Our Zikr (Remembrance of Allah): Wasted, because it does not effect us or our hearts.
  6. REWARDS OF HUMILITY Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has said; “One who has attained humility for Allah, Allah exalts him.” This means that the one who annihilates himself, through this blessing, Allah makes him great in the eyes of people, and he who thinks himself great, Allah drops and disgraces him to such an extent that he becomes worse than animals. If Allah drops and disgraces a person, who can give him high stages and honour him? The one who Allah dishonours, who can ever elevate him? A servant who thinks himself great, is not great in reality because he was created from his father’s sperm and mother’s menstruation blood. So friends, the one whom Allah drops, who can ever raise him? Just think of Allah’s might and power. An elephant which is a creation of Allah, wraps a human in it’s trunk and flings him, then even the world’s greatest heavy weight champion and wrestler will also fall. If this is the might and power of a creation of Allah then what must be the power of the Creator? So if Allah does not honour and protect anyone, then he is knocked around from pillar to post and is degraded. Pride cannot be concealed. If someone has pride, it shows out in every aspect of his life, be it in walking, talking, eating or sleeping. People too think him unworthy and proud. Shaytمn puts these thoughts in his heart, that no one appreciates me, my piety, my knowledge and actions. There is no one like me. Such a person who thinks great of himself is low and degraded in people’s eyes. This pride is a very dangerous disease. Therefore, do not show too much humility to a proud person (although inside your heart, don’t think him degraded, but think yourself lowly and degraded) otherwise his disease of pride will increase. THE TREATMENT OF PRIDE WITH EXTERNAL PRIDE When King Taimur Lang was ruling, he was crippled with one leg. When sitting, he had to sit spreading the crippled leg out in front of him. One day, while sitting in this position, Allمma Taftazمni ® arrived. He too sat down in a similar manner, spreading his leg in front of him in the direction of the king. The king asked him as to why he was sitting with his leg spread out, since he himself is helpless, so he has to sit in this way. The Allمmah replied; “I feel ashamed that an ignorant person should spread his leg towards me. In this way my knowledge of Deen is disgraced therefore I am sitting in this manner.” This is how the rulers were treated. The Ulamم were absolutely independent of them. Another king came to a pious person who was lying down. He did not ever sit up for the king. Instead, he just shook hands while in his reclining position. The kings attendant was a shia. He asked the pious person, “Since when have you learned to sleep with your legs out stretched?” The saint replied, “From the time I have held my hands back, have I spread my legs out. I do not spread my hands in front of Allah’s creations and I am independent of the flattery of the creation.”
  7. THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUTH: In all the phases of history, youth were the secret strength of their nations, the pillars of their progress, the cause of their honour and esteem, the tools of their future and the most important asset and useful capital in their possession. This is due to the fact that the youth are known for their spirit of courage, boldness and dedication, their purity of mind and intellect and their excess power and strength. These factors make them more capable to construct, lead and serve a nation. THE ROLE OF YOUTH: In the early period of Islمm, the youth played an important role in carrying and spreading the message of Islمm to all regions of the world. They also played a great role in the leadership of armies, the conquering of cities, the hoisting of the flag of Tauheed (the oneness of Allah) and carrying the torch of Hidمyah (guidance). This role will always be played by the youth as long as the Muslim Ummah exists. THE EVIL PLANNING OF THE ENEMIES OF ALLAH: The enemies of Allah know the importance of the youth and the role they play in the construction of a nation. Hence, they have schemed various ways to eliminate and destroy this asset, to poison the thinking and minds of the youth and to plant the spirit of unsteadiness and moral depravity in their lives. Some of the despicable ways in which they achieve their objectives are as follows: To employ every possible means to stimulate and excite the natural impulse in man through:- Colourful, captivating and stimulating pictorial illustrations and images. Female and male actors and sport-players whom the masses have accepted in order to frame their minds in such a manner that they can be easily influenced and to give them by means of these actors and sport-layers a pattern and model of life. Magazines which deal with women employed in the field of fashion, art, cinemas, sports and beauty. Senseless music which is directed to degrade man. Collections of poetry which decreases the soul to sense its' natural feelings. Imaginary and fictitious love stories and narratives. movies and films which the agents of the Jews produce to destroy the good character of people so that it could become easy for them to rule the world. Amusement centres so that the youth may waste their precious time until they become worthless individuals. It is categorically mentioned in the Zionist Protocols: "And so that we may distance them (the masses) from realising themselves any new plan of action, we distract and enlure them with various forms of entertainment, games and trivialities (thereby pre-occupying them in their) leisure as well as general meeting places and so forth.... And before long we shall begin advertising (our campaign) in the media, calling all people to enter into all sorts of competitions in the various designed projects like sports and athletics and what relates to it….All these new recreations will definitely distract the minds of the masses on all such matters in which we shall differ in them". [The Zionist Protocol]
  9. i love this surat so i thought id make u all listen to it
  10. Stay in your bed, don’t make a fuss. Your prayers can wait; give in to your nafs. (1) What! Go to the mosque, the path you’ll pave? Don’t bother, think of the gas you’ll save. Why go the extra miles to be kind? Don’t share that smile, they won’t mind! Listen to your parents, why should you? You’re big enough, don’t let them tell you what to do! Don’t look at those orphans, what could they need? You have your own problems, and family to feed. Wear good Hijab? Oh me, Oh my, you’ll be targeted as a Muslim and put to shame. Just wear no makeup, and dress simple and plain. Go for Jihad? No not you. It’s not your problem, what can you do? Don’t worry about Jannah, your place is reserved. I promise you’ll get all you deserve. Preach about Islam, and be nice? Listen to me, and take my advice!!! Don’t fast during Ramadan, you’ll feel dead. Don’t go for Hajj, the heat you’ll dread. Why give charity, or feed the poor? Don’t do it I say, They’ll just ask for more. Don’t visit the Muslims, they’ll bite your back. Don’t stop your work for prayer, it’s money you lack. Then he makes you hoard your wealth. He thinks while he talks, and laughs to himself. You take me as your friend, and don’t give me a fight. I’ll take you to hell to gain respite. On the judgement day we will meet. Allah’s plan we can not defeat. Shatan thinks and thinks of more to say. Say A’ oothoo billahi, and make him run away. Dear believer, don’t let shatan put you to the test. You can overcome him, just do your best. (1) Nafs: Arabic word meaning self. (yourself)
  11. "Where we go, you cannot follow. What we must do, you must steer clear of. Whom we are, you shall not become. For those who have sought the truth, we find it. For those who have suffered, we fight for. For we are the ones who have not suffered, and have not sought the truth. In their name, do we go." "The sun's light shines on my face As I see the dawn arise over the horizon. I realise that it is time, to pay reverence To my sovereign Lord. I see the rays of the light come through the clouds And I see a new land before my eyes; Far different than the one I saw In the day past. I cannot imagine how it was different before Only that it was And so was I. For both I and the land Have experienced a rebirth. A new life, as the sun arose, And we arose From our slumber. Thank the Almighty For the gift of life." "I have the spirit within me. How strong it is, I do not know. But I know that it is of a type of glory I have never before experienced. It is the type that can deliver a man Into the depths of evil in this world Or raise his entire civilisation Into the skies above. It is a noble glory. It cannot be taken by another man. It cannot be broken By an outside force. It cannot be shaken By the external. But, and this is unfortunate; It can have all of these done By myself." "Tell me people, how should I identify my nationality? I am neither Emirati nor English, neither Egyptian nor Sudani. But I carry the blood of them all. Does it matter? We are all one family. Tell me people, how should I identify my faith? I am not Christian nor Jew, but I am not Sunni nor Shia, not Hanbali nor Ibadite. Does it matter? I hail only from where I am. I follow only that which I believe to be true. I follow no man; I only follow God. And I am a Muslim."
  12. a.s.w.k many of u might of noticed ive been away for a while so i thought i would let u know that im back .... i didnt think the forum would change this much i can see muslimah has plenty of time when im not here ......i have to catch up on loads of threads and topics i dont think ill read them all so im hoping for a summary from some one !
  13. muslimah needs to take some spelling lessons
  14. ur right even i had access to that room ......not that i ever went ofcourse i think it must be muslimah ...... im sorry no 1 can help as i think no one can see it .... i think it dont exist ne more coz it was boring so i think muslimah has deleted ...... that's just what i think.....might b wrong ...