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  1. salaam each other after salat
  2. Xining, the largest Urban Muslim community in China
  3. the girl students distribute a Muslim newspaper published by the Institute (Kaiyuan masjid is Kaiyuan Institue of Arabic, too)
  4. a lot of evergreen trees here
  5. At Kaiyuan Masjid, subtropical climate, here is lush-green when it is snowing in the north you can never see snow here Kaiyuan is a small City in Yunnan Province, and I live in Kunming, capital of Yunnan
  6. Lanzhou City
  7. gate of "South Majid" North Masjid ancient trees in North Masjid architecture attached to North Masjid Note: these pictures reflect 3 masjid at a Muslim residential quarter in Jinan: South masjid, North Masjid and woman only Masjid (in China, Masjids are usually named by location)
  8. A Woman only Masjid the banner says in Chinese "celebrate Eid"
  9. foreign students team old imams entertainment after salat Children's programs