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  1. insuallah u will!
  2. salaam sister masallah gr8 posT!!
  3. saalam what exams u having ali?anyway best of luck! take care allah hafiz
  4. its a great idea but as amma said how will it work??
  5. jazukallah sister i think that is a great idea!
  6. yea me 2
  7. jakallah!
  8. could someone translate da arabic plz i would appreciate it!
  9. yes masaalah very lovely post!
  10. yea i understand
  11. i dont think neoneis being harsh but correcting each other as they say u learn from each other and your mistakes hope there aint no misunderstandings! :cry: lol.............................
  12. thanks 4 da rules.insuallah we will learn more from each other.
  13. thanks abunoran i just read da post i understand wat ur saying.