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  1. Alhumdulilah! This is terrific news! May Allah continue to bless your family and reward you for supporting and helping her. We will keep you in our dua' of course. Please give my love to Melissa. Thanks for sharing this here brother. Allahu Akbar! ~Jennifer
  2. Thanks for sharing with us sister. I remember you saying, 'just throw the seeds and don't wait to see if they will grow.' Allah guides whom He wills. What happy news!
  3. I think that probably is very true for women who cover. There is a big difference between the display of a religious icon such as a cross, and an attempted ban which would deny the womens right to protect her own modesty.
  4. Waalikum assalaam brother, I am good aldumdulilah. How are you? Hope all is well with you. Nice to see you here. Take care brother, all the best to you, ~Jennifer
  5. I'm confused at what you are talking about. I don't care what religion you come from, you can pray at anytime, anywhere. I do not want to argue this point, don't get me wrong, but this has not been my experiance. Certainly we do not need government permission to say a prayer. Regarding the headscarves, I believe personally that if Catholic nuns are allowed to wear their 'headgear' the Muslim women should be extended the same courtesy. Take care, ~Jennfier
  6. Asalaamu alikum Shereen, Welcome to the board, it's always nice to see new members, I am looking forward to your contribution. ~Jennifer
  7. It is true that the women in Islam is given far greater respect than she is in even "modern" Christianity. Jazak Allah Khairn sister for this post.
  8. Asalaamu alikum and Peace be with you, To the best of my knowledge through what I have read and listening to various lectures, a man may use a certain form of "barrier" as you said, however a permanant thing such as having the tubes tied is not permissable. And John Doe, I hope you had a nice vacation. You asked about unwanted daughters. Maybe you have a misconception about this subject? Before Islam the pagans of Mecca often barried baby girls alive, Islam did away with this practice. I have not heard ever of such a thing in Islam as daughters being unwanted. The Prophet peace be upon him had many daughters. Also I do not think it is a cop-out to say that Allah will provide for a growing family. It is not the accumulation of material things such as a luxury apartment that is being spoken of, but rather that the basic needs will be met. Take care, ~Jennifer
  9. The Prophet (saw) used to offer the following supplication to Allah: "Oh Allah, by Thy knowledge of the unseen and Thy power to create, grant me life as long as you know life to be best for me, and take me when you know death to be best for me. Oh Allah, I ask you for fear and love of you, both within my secret heart and openly. I ask for the word of truth in pleasure and anger; I ask for moderation both in poverty and riches; I ask for felicity which does not pass away. I ask for comfort which is not cut off. I ask for satisfaction with what is decreed. I ask for a pleasant life after death. I ask for the pleasure of looking at Thy face, and longing to meet you in a state in which distress does not cause harm or testing lead astray. Oh Allah, beautify us with the adornment of faith, and make us among those who are rightly guided." I just wanted to share this beautiful dua' with you all. ~Jennifer
  10. To the best of my knowledge: There are more women in hell than men for the reason that we are very prone to gossip (you can't deny this) and even 'enhance' the gossip. This is slandering the name of another person. As for being ungrateful to our husbands, we sometimes fall into the trap of expecting more and more from them, and don't take the time to acknowledge the many things they do for us. They come home from work, and maybe we are complaining about how hard our day has been, and ignore that he is also looking for support and comfort. If you can define what kind of cruel you are speaking of that would be helpful. Nice to see you again by the way! ~Jennifer
  11. Asalaamu alikum brother, when did you get back??? Are you back now for a while or just a visit again? Anyway, good to see you here. I hope you and your family are well. ~Jennifer (sorry for the off topic post)
  12. Asalaamu alikum and Peace be with you, Forgive me is I state something that has already been said in this thread. I'm not in agreement with a man taking more wives solely for the purpose of lust, and I think that most often that is not the case. I only have one thing about this reason to say: A man can love his wife very much, but maybe she is unable to care for this kind of need due to a medical reason, so what then? Say for example the wife is in a terible accident, leaving her paralyzed, and the husbands needs can no longer be fufilled by this wife. I don't see how it can be percieved as a bad thing if he takes a second wife while continuing to provide love and support for the first one. I do not know any brother who has more than one wife, but I will tell you what. I know of a young women whos rescently widowed with children. Most of the brothers I know are already married, however if one of them, and I'll even include my own husband, was in a position to take a women like this as a second wife, I would think they are doing a very noble thing. This is a huge responsibility on the part of the man most of all. He must be equitable to them both. I cannot imagine this is an easy task. So I believe that if there is some man taking on a second wife and he is doing it for such a noble reason as the one I just mentioned, he is really doing this not for his sake, not for his desires, but for the sake of Allah, and I have a high level of respect for these brothers, and I wish them and their families success. This is a topic that can be talked into the ground, and of course every situation is different. But rather than discrediting it alltogether, we should try to understand the benefits of it. Allah knows best. ~Jennifer
  13. Lots of good points for the both of you. I wanted to add another fact: Your brain has more activity while sleeping than it does while watching the television. Also, lets be careful of the internet, as this seems to consume a person as much as, if not even more than the television.
  14. Jazak Allah Khairn brother for posting this information.
  15. Asalaamu alikum Br. Abu Dujanah, I also am interested in hearing your response to Br. Dan's question. Do you intend to fight in jihad? Eid mubarak to you brother, ~Jennifer