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  1. Popular and common these days.I mean lots of the western movies and video games depict this. _______________
  2. For me it may sound overrated but it is FFVII. You could put your favorites if you cannot choose one. ____________ Play Free Mystery Games Online
  3. whats then name of it and does it come with wii please help because i have no clue i really want a wii but i want that game the probim is i cant find it so i think it comes with the wii i played it at my aunts it has basball tennis and boxing with cute caracters and its sutiable for younger kids _____________________
  4. Ok so i excersize for 2 days take a break for a day and so on and my lower back is hurting, it was just little at first but i tried to run today and it made it alot worse, hurts to walk i am icing it right now but is there anything i can do to help relive it. i think it may be a pulled muscle which ive had in my chest before so can someone help me out plz. ___________________ 手脚麻痹
  5. Do they just test it at the office? Do they write down the last time the person took their medications? If they say the test was fine, do they still send it off for more testing? Why would a person have to initial the urine cup? ________________ 椎间盘突出
  6. My mother is a long-time amateur genealogist and has a collection of microfiche containing various genealogy records. Her reader is old and pretty large. She's looking to move within the next couple months and would like to get rid of it. However, if she does she'll lose access to her microfiche. I already plan on slowly converting her collection of old family slides to digital and would like to do the same with her microfiche. Is this possible? I haven't been able to turn up anything on a Google search regarding this kind of conversion aside from a few services. I know it's possible to convert slides and other microforms. Any advice? ____________ 伦敦瘦脸针
  7. From start to finish, in as much detail as you can provide, please tell me what it is like to play a video game. (I am doing a research project). What tools/mediums do you use, what type of game, and how is the game played? Do you use a hand controller, a headset, etc _______________