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  1. I'm not sure what is triggering them though. I know she gets really nervous and scared in a stuffy place as if she's going to die. Tonight we went to the er because she was freaking out so bad that I really didn't know what to do. Nothing would calm her down. All she thought was that she was going to die. The doctors couldn't give her meds but she needs to follow up with her main physician which isn't until October. This scares me alot as she can't keep her mind off of her breathing and freaking out. What can I do to ease her mind a bit _________________ ||
  2. Ok, so i was wondering if i had a panic attack thismorning. My breathing quickened, my hands started shaking, i felt as thought as though i would vomit. Also, I lost vision completely for about two minutes, almost as if I was going to black out or faint. Are these symptoms of a panic attack? If not, any other diagnoses? Thanks, any advice is greatly appreciated ______________ news||More about the author