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Rules of the Forum

As salam Alykom all members We have noticed lately some posts that are not compatible with the main theme we desire for this forum. Members slander each other and just post replies for the sake of posting. As an Islamic forum, we need to set some rules hoping that every one shall respect: 1. We need to post useful Islamic material. 2. Any one has an Islam related question of course is most welcome in an effort that members may provide the answer. We need to maintain ethical language (no hard language, swearing or the like). This include small words even like S**T and A*S and the big hardcore Swear....Be warned you WIL BE CENSORED if anyone Will be using such words. Will be warned, then banned. 3. No foul mouthing against moderators or admins. 4. Post that Signify and Racial of Means of provoking will be edited and warned if persistant will be banned. Flamers will be warned a few times if persistant their account will be suspended for varying length of time then reinstated if they APOLOGISE and promise to refrain from doing so again 5. If a member expresses a problem, if you can help go ahead, if not just wait for other contributions may be you can learn. 6. No Posting of Anti Islamic websites..this is only giving popularity to such sites 7. We need to maintain a brotherly relation after all we are all Muslims. And even for our non Muslim members, we are still commanded by Quran to maintain good relations with them. So defuse this feeling among us all. 8. We encourage you to look for useful topics and post them, in case topics are taken from another site, please include the source for property rights. 9. Exellent topics shall be moved to the home page of (Insh a Allah when it is back after totaly reconstruction). 10. As this is an English language forum, we expect members not to post Arabic material. If we need to edit or delet Arabic posts, members should not take offense in that. 11. Based on the above mentioned, the forum team retains the right to delete/ edit any topic that if found not compatible with our rules. Mainly of course topics which may touch, slander or abuse Allah, Quran or our beloved Prophet Mohamed (PAPBUH). 12. Violations of the rules or regulations will be met with 1 or 2 warnings. After this time, account will be suspended for varying length of time, then banned. Constant abusers will face permanent bans. If things are said in the heat of the moment, the comments will be edited out but this doesn't constitute a warning. 13. The forum team would like not to be held accountable before Allah for whatever material may be posted here which bears any wrong info. After all we are humans and may miss or falter. May Allah assist, support and guide us to maintain this forum in the best we could in the eyes of Allah. We are here to learn, help each other, share useful knowledge and Insh a Allah gain reward