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what is

if u were at home and u see a (snake)what is yr first reaction????????

i think u will leave the whole house huhuhuhuhu




Welcome to the forum

how r u

well erm yeh i would be scared cause i dont like snakes.

So i alredy know that your 12 but i would like to know where you are from?

Oh an you might think this is a silly question to ask you but you a girl or a boy [img]style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]



of curse saloma means salma means im a girl [img]style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]

2nd im from egypt [img]style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]

thank u for asking

salam [img]style_emoticons/default/cool.gif[/img]



as salam alykom saloma

Ok after the introduction amma yes we would be scared but, how can u handle?

U know what if u say:

Adoudh billah min share ma khalaq nothing can harm u actually Insh a Allah and by the Will of Allah


as salam alykom [img]style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]

thank u for yr informations iwas just want to say this but u did it before me [img]style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img][img]style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img][img]style_emoticons/default/wink.gif[/img]

and now salam [img]style_emoticons/default/happy.gif[/img]



Assalamu alaikum

I say welcome
to you too, little sister [img]style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]

It is nice to have a young sister around too [img]style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif[/img]

I have a daughter that is only a little bit older than you, she is 14, but she is not very good at English, since she learns in first hand Arabic and French in school. And with me she speeks Swedish. Otherwise I would tell her to come here too.

About snakes, well many people seem to feel fear when they see them. Of course there are many snakes that are very dangerous, especially here in the desert, but I have not seen any yet, I say alhamdulillah to that [img]style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]

But I will tell you one thing that, at least a bit, changed my mind towards snakes. I was visiting Bangkok in Thailande and went to a snake-farm where there were mostly cobra snakes. And there I truly could study them CLOSE by. And somehow, this experience changed much of my fear for snakes. So it became much lesser.

But of course, we know that we have only One Protector and it is Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, and if He want us to be safe, so we will be inshaAllah.

See ya soon!

wasalam umm Z



first i want to say to u that (wawwwwwwwww) [img]style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img] im not belive that u see the (cobra)snake [img]style_emoticons/default/wacko.gif[/img] face to face oh my goddd

i was talking about your first reaactoin i never mention that any one could answer me and say that he saw(a cobra snake)admit that you are brave soo brave [img]style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif[/img]

like me [img]style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]

but i still have a questoin what did u do when u see it like did u say something,or

any thing

thank u for this lovley [img]style_emoticons/default/ph34r.gif[/img] story

salam 3lykom



Assalamu alaikum little sister (hope you don't mind me calling you that)? [img]style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]

Yes it is true, I did feel VERY brave doing this. It was quite an experience for me.

There is a big river that goes through Bangkok (I cannot remember the name it is a long time since I was there) and a boat took me to this farm. It was a woman that owned the snakes. She had been biten several times by the snakes subhanAllah, but still wanted to deal with them. Now THAT is impressive.

What I can remember at first I stood WAY back at a distance, but the more I looked at them, the closer I got to them. I saw perhaps the beauty in them, of course they are black and shiny in the skin, and at the same time having in mind how dangerous they are, and I slowly approached. I wanted to get closer. But what I can remember I did not touch them anyway, THAT would have been going too close [img]style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img] .

But I have been to a small place once in Stockholm where there were different snakes and other reptiles, and there I did touch them. That was the next step.

But I will never have anyone in my home, as a pet, THAT is going to far too [img]style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif[/img] I want to keep a respectful distance.

Sorry for the long answer,

nice talking to you

wasalam umm Z


Salam Sisters & Welcome to Saloma! Is Saloma like Salma? I know that some cultures pronounce names different but its all one name.

Like my name it Means Victory or Success in english It comes from Surah An-Nasr. I know many females from pakistan and Iran are called Nasreen, Nasrat, Nasri. Sisters from those countries call me Nasreen lol and Nasri.

Anyway, back to the topiccccc

About the snakes hehe ofcourse I'd be scared

My older sister was once almost killed by a python in Africa. My sister was only 3 and this huge yellow python circled himself around her loosely not tight. I think you'd all want to know how this snake didn't squeeze her to death, so I'll tell you all about it. When the people saw this huge snake with my Sister, people were very scared and some even ran for their own lifes. The ones that remained there came up with the idea of getting an axe and cutting the snakes head off, others went to get a gun and wanted to shoot the snake right in the head. While everyone was standing there horrified, my father arrived from work. He came out of his car and he saw ever1 and the snake. My Father told everyone not to make a move and to be quiet and he sent some of the visitors that were around to their homes. My father went to his car and loaded some camel milk that he bought before he came home. He poured it into a bucket and put it right next to the snake. I know that this sounds like something you'd see in a movie or even unbelievable but the snake let my sister go and he started drinking the milk. After he finished he just went away, subhanaAllah it was such a huge snake.

Kindness is a language that even the animals understand. Alhamdulilah that my sister wasn't swallowed or squeezed to death that day. [img]style_emoticons/default/wub.gif[/img]

I'll attach a pic of that type of snake so you get an idea of how big it is.

I'm not scared of looking at snakes so long they don't stick out their tongue, that is freaky to me.

But I do have a phobia for Lizards even the most tiniest. I remember when my little sister once borrowed a lizard book from the library and I was looking for something in her room and I saw the big lizard imprinted on the cover of the book, I could literally not breathe like someone who had asthma. My father heard my scream and he took the book out of the house.

Alright people don't play some funny tricks on me now, I told you what I'm scared of. [img]style_emoticons/default/unsure.gif[/img]


Assalam allikum dear sisters,

A big welcome to a younger sister, saloma22. Nice to have you hear on the forum.

What a very curious question you asked. It is nice to hear about everyone snake stories. I have a few of my own. But if I seen a snake now, I would be absoloutly quiet and not disturb it at all. As sankes are really scared of us, that is why they attack. And I would calmly walk away from the snake.

I live in Australia, so there is heaps of snakes out in the bush. Mainly the brown snake and the red belly black snake. He really has a red belly. Well my mum had one in her house one day. Luckly none of the kids were home. She spotted it in the hallway and nearly steped on it. She went to the phone and phoned the police and they said they didn't remove snakes from the home. So they gave her a wild life number. My mum rang that and they said they'll be over shortly. What they do is the capture the snake and then relase it back to nature. Well after this my mum left the fron door open and the snake let it self out of the door. I think it was being very courtious don't you?

When I was about six my grandfather use to take my cousin and I on bush walks. I was just standing there, having a rest I guess and I seen a black belly black snake in an old tyre. I told my grandfather and his said don't worry, it isn't. But I was so insitant that it was, we had to go home. I think my imagination was over active.

My grandfather farm cat killed a snake and bought the remains to the front door step as a present. I don't know how it didn't get bitten.

Well snakes are not that scary if you just leave them alone they'll leave you alone. But I don't know about Intuition cobras though.

Waslam Alliex


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