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please make dua

Assalam O alaikum

bros and sisters

hope this finds u in best of health and faith Insha Allah.....

My elder brother "Mohsin Siddique" is very very sick... he is suffering from Alsar

and his condition since last week is un-explainable

he had been admitted in the hospital since 4 days.....please make special dua for my brother that May Allah cure him.ameen

and do remember all the muslims around the world in ur duas too.

May Allah always keep us under his loving care and cure all the sickones around the world.Ameen

Jazak Allahu Khayran

ws wr wb

ur sister

Juwayriah Haani



May Allah Puts this illness in the balance of his good deeds, Makes it a purification for him, forgiveness of sins, and Grant him recovery ameen.


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