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missing pm and problem with avatar


Assalamu alaikum

I wanted to check some messeges I have received in my PM box, but to my surprise all from this year seams to have vanished. Only have two left. Where did they go? :confused_smile:

And I cannot upload a avatar. The only thing that I can see after uploading is a red kross up in the corner, NO picture. Help...? :blush:



as salam alykom Umm

i m sorry for the missing pms, but Alhamdulelah, after Islam was able to restore the database with Allah's close Help, the only problem remained is the pms that were lost. I lost some myself. BUt Alhamdulelelah, if the damage was this then we say Alhamdulelah.

As for the avatar prob, Insh a Allah i will check it out.



Wa alaikum assalam sister :)


Will wait patiently so inshaAllah I will soon have an avatar :thumb:


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