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learn Arabic with me very easly

السلام عليكم

كيف حالكم

أنا معلم للغة العربية

.هل تريد تعلم العربية؟

I can exchange language with u .lf u want , add me at Messenger ( or

at Skype (Teacher106) or (Teacher).



as salam alykom brother

Jazakum Allah khairan for this initiative.

Are you ready to build on the lessons we used to post here? I know of a number of members who are really wanting to learn.

If you are ready to continue posting lessons here, I will Insh a Allah publicise it.

This would be really great...



و عليكم السلام يا أخت مسلمة

I have better idea but l don't know if can achieve it..

If you can make audio room (by voice) and any one who has questions , he asks me , and l will answer him.

أنا أعتقد أن الغرفة الصوتية ستكون أفضل و أسهل لى وللجميع.

أرجو الرد من الجميع

والسلام عليكم



wa alykom as salam

Insh a Allah I will check with the other technical admin and let u know, i think this will be great. May Allah Makes it easy.


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