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Word Search


how are you doing

i thought of making up some word search's for all the kids to use

inshallah very soon i will upload the word search's onto this topic.

You can then download them onto your computer can print them off.

The questions will be up here aswell.

Lets see who can complete the word search the fastest.


salam everyone

sorry for the delay of me puttin up the wordsearch, there sum problem of attaching files in this room inshallah once that is sorted i will start this all off.

tk care in the mean time and do come back lol


Salam all

how are you

Alhamdulillah sis Muslimah has sorted the problem and i can finally attach my word search

The questions are as followed:

1. The name of the last Prophet (SAW)?

2. The name of the Prophet’s (SAW) Mother?

3. The name of the Prophet’s (SAW) Father?

4. Where was the Prophet (SAW) born?

5. At what age did His (SAW) mother die?

6. He (SAW) was known as “The faithful”, translate in Arabic.

7. What is the name of the uncle that took care of Him (SAW) after this grandfather passed away?

8. Who is the first wife of the Prophet (SAW)?

9. Which slave did the Prophet (SAW) adopt as his son?

10. What is the name of the cave the Prophet (SAW) often, use to go to?

11. Which son of his uncle did he bring up and take care of his education?

12. What language did the Prophet (SAW) speak?

You can download the wordsearch attached and answer the above questions and see if you cna find the answers in the word search.


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