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What is your ambition in life?

As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

Pray you are well and in the best of Imaan. Ameen.

Let's get you thinking.. What is your ambition in life???

If that ambition was not to seek the pleasure of Allah then you need to fix your intentions inshaAllah. Allah will reward us in accordance to what is in our hearts (intention). We should do everything to seek the pleasure of Allah.

This life is only for a blink of an eye. It will disappear, where as the Hereafter is our eternal life. Now whether you want eternal bliss or eternal punishment? That is completely up to you. But I know no one would want eternal punishment.

Key point: whenever doing anything, do it for the pleasure of Allah. Your ultimate goal in life should be to Please Allah.

If you feel that it is wrong to link your action to the pleasure of Allah, then what you are doing must be something that is not allowed. For example you wouldn't steal someone's property for the pleasure of Allah would you?

I sincerely ask everyone who has ever benefited from my texts to make du'a for me. Please ask Allah to help me succeed in the things that I wish to do for His Pleasure.

Wsalaam. :) written by my cousin


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