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Very interesting threads

Bismillah: Assalamo Alikum.

I thought to combine some of the very interesting discussions on our board concerning Islam and Christianity into one thread instead of searching all the day :D

So here we go. Enjoy reading.

Read the Bible for "Guidance and Light"? (topic started by Curious Christian)

Allah's Description Of Those Who Ascribe A Son, to Allah& Ayyahs on changing the Book (topic started by Sister Muslimah)

Let get into the beliefs of the Christians, Lets Dialog (topic started by abdulwalee)

Holy Week and Pork!!, a question for Christians/Catholics (topic started by Wel_Mel)

What we actually believe (topic started by Curious Christian)

Message to all non-Muslims (topic started by voice of reason)

Passion of Christ (topic start by Umm Zachariah)

The "Original" Manuscripts., ???!!! (topic started by Wel_Mel)

Question to Catholics, Concerning the blood and body of Christ PBUH (topic started by Wel_Mel)

Pope Benedict on Islam (topic started by Curious Christian)

Old Testament Jesus (topic started by Curious Christian)

If Jesus was a prophet? (topic started by Curious Christian)

I've been can't find this in the Quran. “Regarding Bible corruption” (topic started by Curious Christian)

Mohammed PBUH (topic started by Curious Christian) “he posed many questions concerning Muhammad pbuh and also Jesus pbuh”

If Jesus was a prophet #2 (topic started by Curious Christian)

Question for Christian members (topic started by Sister Muslimah)

Tell me if I am wrong.... (topic started by Curious Christian)

Melchizedek (topic started by Curious Christian)

Nature of Jesus...again (topic started by Curious Christian)

Compare Jesus and Mohammed (topic started by Curious Christian)

Questions about Haddith theology and some science...our favorite topic (topic started by Curious Christian)

Jesus' miracles, proved that he is God?? (topic started by Wel_Mel)

Mormon (topic started by Curious Christian)

Questions for Christians members II, to continue the series. (topic started by Wel_Mel)

Good biblical defense of the Trinity (topic started by Curious Christian)

Polygamy? (topic started by Curious Christian)

Does the Qur'an promote violence to spread Islam? (topic started by Curious Christian)

The Messiah - according to the Jews (topic started by Faris Mee)

Basic Questions Which I've Never Asked... (topic started by Curious Christian)

Penalty of converting to Christianity, and a discussion on Jesus (topic started by Don singleton)

Difference in faith of Mulsim, Jew, Christian (topic started by Sister Muslimah)

Original Sin, Discussion of the Belief (topic started by ronniv93)

Discussion on Jesus (topic started by Sister Muslimah)

What Was Jesus' Message (topic started by Umm Zachariah)

The Fetus Rights in Islam (topic started by Fatima84)

Coptic Christians in Egypt (topic started by JohnDoe)

Divorce In Islam (topic started by Fatima84)

Jesus In Islam, How is Jesus "revered" in Islam??? (topic started by ronniv93)

A Comparison, Mohammad V's Jesus (topic started by Teh Curious)

Non Muslims terrorism, Terrorists Who Aren't in the News (topic started by Wel_Mel)

WHY MOTHER TERESA SHOULD NOT BE A SAINT, Very interesting (topic started by Sister Muslimah)

HIJAB - Give your input, A BRILLIANT ARTICLE & 2 MODERN DAY POEMS (topic started by Faith Hope Charity)




Alsalam alaykum brother,

That's one long list of discussions. Are there any that stand out as more interesting than the rest?



Wael, jazakum Allah khairan for this really, as u said, it shall make things much easier specially for new comers...trying to save our breath.... :)



Assalamu alaikum

Barak Allahu fik for your effort. MashaAllah a very good initiative.

As sis Muslimah said, for newcomers it will be very helpful inshaAllah. :)


Bismillah: Assalamo Alikum.

Quote:Alsalam alaykum brother,

That's one long list of discussions. Are there any that stand out as more interesting than the rest?

Well, many of them are really interesting, but I advise that you find out which one is more interesting :) try to see which thread title that interest’s you the most, and start by reading it, and you may add more views if you wish.




Bismillah: Assalamo Alikum.

May Allah reward you sister Muslimah and Umm for your nice words and Du'a :) , and may Allah accept our efforts. Ameen.




Bismillah: Assalamo Alikum.

Here are some interesting threads regarding Islam and Hinduism.

The Hindus latest claim., Ram...Allah (topic started by Wel_Mel)

Zakir Naik: Smilarities between Islam and Hinduism (topic started by Padapuram)

It is said that God takes the form as per your desire. Does it not mean that He is formless? (topic started by dattaswami) I personally like this thread” 

Experience of a Converted Hindu Woman, By Sister Noor.

Between duty and God which is more important? (topic started by dattaswami)

Reference of 'Human Incarnation' in Veda (topic started by dattaswami)

Who created God (topic started by dattaswami)

What is the aim of the birth of every soul? (topic started by dattaswami)

Is it possible for God to come in Human form? (topic started by dattaswami)




Bismillah: Assalamo Alikum,

The following are some of the hottest topics related to the Christian faith.

Married Priests Available!, !!!!

Come on Christianssssssssss, Jesus is a TOY!!!!!

they should not be called Christians., Nazarenes and Christians.

The Holy Ghost., as requested by Br. Hadji

Jesus and Jonah, THREE days and THREE nights.

Jospeph and Mary, How old they were when they got married?

The resurrection., Brief thoughts.

Trinity analogies., Refutations.

Holy Spirit and Jesus are ONE?, Of course yes, Christians would say...

A NEW Bible!!, out now!!!

Bible Christians., GAYS AND LESBIANS.

Scholars plan to reunite ancient Bible, Which is NOT same as today's Bible

NEW Indian Bible!!!, Indian style....

“The true Furqan”, See how Christians are trying to fool us.





Jazak Allah khayr brother for this effort :)



Jazak Allah khayr brother for this effort :)


Wa Iyakum sister, enjoy reading :)




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