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Alsalam 'alaykom

Sister Muslimah is right, for what is the purpose of our creation and living in this world, except to worship Allah, so if we did it right we will go to Jannah, and if we do it wrong we will go to hell. I have been hearing a series of tapes for an azharete scholar, sheikh Omar Abdul-Kafy, about the reseruction day, he made it from the begining of death and then the hell, and then who are the ones in hell and why they are there, even muslims, and who are those in heaven. Then he tlaked about Allah's mercy, and how he is forgiving even with those who disobeyed him.

So his way was (the scholar) was frightining first, then assuring of no matter how disobedient u r Allah will forgive u except for Kufr and shirk, na'otho billah an nakoon min almushrikeen. But I think we should first convince people of Allah's diety, proofs for this, and then talk about hell and fire if they are not convinced. Wa Allahu A'lam.

For those who understand arabic these are the lessons for the scholar [Image: smile.gif] and I will add it in the link page Muslimah [Image: biggrin.gif]

Wasalam 'alaykom wa rahmat Allah


Wa'alaykum As-salaam...

Jazakillahi khairan katheeran...


Alsalam 'alaykom [Image: smile.gif]

Jazak mithluh brother .



Quote: why r u scared Shereen???

[Image: biggrin.gif] for simple reasons

That day all our sins will be opened infront of everyone !

and then Allah will judge each person with equality..i know !

but i feel like iam not prepared yet.......i feel really scared sometimes, you know being alone inside the grave..........oooh ! scares the living lights out of me [Image: unsure.gif][Image: ph34r.gif]

everyone is scared sister, everyone is....
shereen we can never be prepared for the meeting of Allah, simply because no matter what we do is nothing compared to His bounty. But we only seek His mercy and we must never be desparate of this, because Allah's Mercy is True. Besides if we dont feel the way u do, we will not be observant of Allah's rules. Alhamdulelah we know Allah Is there and we try, just try to fear Him.


true sister Muslimah, very true...

nobody will be prepared to meet Allah.. even pious men won't feel like they're prepared...

some of us feel afraid of our sins.. while some feel that their ibadah is not enough...


Alsalam 'alaykom wa rahamt Allah

I heard in the lectures I provided by DR. Omar, that Abu Baker, May Allah Be Pleased with him said: I will not feel safe until my right foot enters into Al-Jannah. So if Abu Baker says that, what will we say [Image: sad.gif] may Allah subhanahu Wa Ta'ala accepts us in his Jannat and forgive our sins and grant us his mercy Ya Rab. And if u ask Allah Jannah always ask for Al-Ferdaws Al-A'Ala
it is the highest rank in Jannah under Al-Maqam Almahmoud, And that Maqam is for the Prophet Muhammad Only and his family. Allahuma give Al-Maqam(rank) Al-Mahmoud to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), And grant us Al-firdaws Al-A'la Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeen.



Quote: . Allahuma give Al-Maqam(rank) Al-Mahmoud to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), And grant us Al-firdaws Al-A'la Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

ameen thuma ameen thuma ameen


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