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This room
why r u scared Shereen???

i'm scared too... another year means that i'm one year closer to death...

i don't think i'm ready for it.... [Image: sad.gif][Image: sad.gif]

No one is read brother and we can never be ready. May Allah bestow His mercy on us


sometimes i feel like going into jihad is the only way to get all my sins forguven. every night before i sleep i wonder what if i won't wake up anymore? what if i die in all of the sudden? would my sins be forgiven?

Oh My God, i'm not qualified into your heaven...

and i'm not strong to be in your hellfire....

Allah,for that, please accept my taubah, forgive my sins....

for you are the Most Forgiving on the great sins...

ameen ameen ameen

Alsalam 'alaykom

Well here I am afraid again [Image: unsure.gif] , what will be our end, Ya Allah accept from us and forgive us for our mistakes. And rejoin us all brothers and sisters here in Jannah under your shade, I LOVE all my sisters and brothers here for Allah, and may Allah bestow upon us his mercy.


Oh Allah, forgive our sins, forgive our parents, forgive every muslim in this world....
ameen ameen ameen Mash a Allah


one of my friends tell me, we shouldn't speak about hell or death when we're preaching on Islam, because that will scare people away form Islam. i don't think he's correct. we're telling them about hell as we're trying to pull them away form it. i don't know who's correct in this situation. maybe my brothers and sisters here can give some opinion...


as salam alykom brother

i think Islam does not need us to decorate it, besides whoever is willing to find the truth Allah Shall certainly help much, but death is a major part of the human life, it is the truth, it is the final destination of our trip, we can not simply just skip it to invite people. We must be very open and honest about all aspects of Islam. we also must tell whoever is searching that crossing the border safely does not mean he/she will be living in heaven, no this is dunia, dunia is this world and the word in Arabic is derived from Denu which means low, so we must not busy ourselves with what we suffer here but rather we must busy ourselves with how to get out of it as safe as possible.


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