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Tayyibun Winter Seminar 2008

Tayyibun Winter Seminar 2008

Holding on to Hot Coal . . .


Dr Khalid Khan (Islam Q & A)

Ustadh Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan (Islamabad)

Ustadh Abdul 'Aleem Alomgir Ali (Egypt)

Ustadh Abdullah Zain al Abedin (Madinah Islamic University K.S.A)


Holding on to Hot Coal

Never Despair in the Mercy of Allah

He who Imitates a People

Defending the Honour of the Messenger

DATE: Sunday 28th December 2008

TIME: 2pm - 7pm

VENUE: Tayyibun Tarbiyyah Centre, 25 Hessel Street (Off Commercial Road), London E1 2LR

*Free admission (no pre booking required), All brothers and sisters welcome, Full segregation maintained.


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