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Some Images Of A True Believer.

Peace to one and all,

To be a true believer who believes with/in Allah as the Creator/Lord/Sustainer of the Universe, His Messengers, Scriptures, Angels, the Last Day and Fate/Qadar, one must be identified with the following symbols and/or attributes:---

1. True believers walk on this earth with Modesty.

2. They utilize the night for Supplications... .Prostrating/Sujd an standing in prayer(s)/Tahajjud.

3. They love Peace.

4. They are neither wasteful nor miserly in spending their wealth.

5. They do not commit adultery.

6. They avoid testifying falsely.

7. They refrain from all kinds of Vanity.

We should endeavour to work towards getting these attributes in our everyday lives... make these values/attributes our habits.

For further reading on this, see

Surat Furqan of the Holy Qur'an,

especially verses 25-63 of that

Chapter (25-63:74)


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