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This has been a running theme for me lately but I am going to address it in an individual thread in order to follow my own advice. This board has been in existence for some time now. Over the course of this period, many quality questions have been asked and were provided with thorough explanations and evidence. As new members join and ask the same questions, the older members get tired of being repetitive. So in order to better fully serve those who wish to utilize the board, we ask that if one has a question to please do a query for the topic first. I bet that nine times out of ten the question is answered. If not, then please, please feel free to ask a follow up question that will help in understanding the topic. This method may seem more labor intensive than just posting any thread that pops into our heads, but it will result in more focused questions which will Insha'Allah help breed better understanding.

I suggest posting the link to whatever topic you are discussing and what information that one has found. This action will help all the other members know what knowledge base we are starting from and will once again focus the questions and will create more detailed answers. By showing that one is truly interested in learning about Islam, the board members will probably be more than encouraged to assist this inquisitive person.

Thank you for helping to make this board more productive and better suit everyone's needs.




Jazakum Allah khairan Dan for this thread. U r mod why didnt u pin it so that all can see?

I will pin it Insh a Allah


[Image: rolleyes.gif] Erm in my post to Ronni regarding Slavery i kind of go off subject a bit and start Glorifying Qur'an and kind of get a bit lost. But it was all in response to her Question. So when i'm talking about space aliens in a post about Slavery it is all....linked. If you study her questions. [Image: blink.gif]


As Salam alaikum

Jazaki Allah, Muslimah.

No problem, bro. I trust your powers of reason when it comes to relevant posts. I mean, you did convert to Islam, right? If it is off topic though, I'll just delete it. jk [Image: laugh.gif]

As Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu


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