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Saudi with a golden heart spends savings on cancer-hit worker

A Saudi spent all his savings and even borrowed money to have his illegal Bangladeshi guard treated for a brain tumor.

The worker, Mahboob, has been working for Abdullah Saad Al-Rouqi for seven years. He came for Umrah and overstayed at Huda Al-Sham village in Makkah region where Al-Rouqi gave him a job as a guard.

The disease was discovered during the period Al-Rouqi was completing procedures for the worker’s legalization following the King’s amnesty and before the extension to Nov. 3.

The worker fainted. He was transported to the hospital after Al-Rouqi arrived in Makkah following a visit to the Bangladeshi Embassy. There, he had the worker’s documents and passport issuance request approved.

The worker, who has been in the hospital for the last three months, required two operations to open blocked cerebrospinal-fluid pathways and remove most of the tumor.

“The two operations were performed and he needs to continue chemotherapy,” said Al-Rouqi, who is currently the worker’s legal but temporarily employer after the worker applied for a new passport at his embassy.

Al-Rouqi paid SR80,000, of which SR30,000 was his marriage loan and SR20,000 his savings. He borrowed the rest of the amount.

“I can’t afford the costs of hospitalization anymore,” he said. “I haven’t still completed the procedures for correcting his residency status. I have approached several government department to help to solve the situation and I’m also hoping to find someone to donate the cost of the man’s treatment in a specialist hospital as I have spent all the money I had.”

I am supplicating to Allah that Allah Sends this man someone with an equal golden heart who would support the case, ameen.
May Allah Sobhanhu wa Ta`ala Compensates him from unexpeccted sources with ultra unexpected multi folds ameen.

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