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I thought i will share the videos and other materials I have been going through this Ramadan an on the request of sis Muslimah ?


Oh that i regret,

One of the videos i seen previously but watched again after months, if u listen tears will flow it will make you think and reflect upon yourself, something we all need to do.


Advice to those who want to soften thier hearts.

I think i can sit and watch this over and over again to make sure the words sink in and im able to act upon this


Oh slave werent you ashamed!

This video scares me, it brings chills down my spine, how lightly we take this life and the sins we do every day, yet we dont realise the punishment we shall receive, this video you can put to any context it can be the answe to any sin commited and what shall happen, yet we all need to wake up and realise this life is nothing, we need to work for jannah ?


I cannot read the Quran

I think im at a point i just wanna cry cry and cry pour my heart out to Allah, if these videos so far aint bought a single tear to ur eye then i suggest you watch them again until they do, to understand how hard your heart has become


The last reminder

? We all need to sort ourselfs out before its too late


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