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Question for Muslims


i wonder where did Josh go? i hope he's doing alright.... haven't seen him in a long time...

Probably he is around but quite, in all cases Insh aAllah we are intending to made this thread as informative as possible for non Muslims to benefit in general.
and for muslims too.... Insha Allah...

Dear Jushua,

Im happybecause u are here wit us,i had rea that u want to know islam and have alot of questions too will I know a web site which could help u this web site is I know that our members helped u but this could help too u can chooes the language u want use in that web site .

[Image: rolleyes.gif]


Quote:i think we should stop referring Islam to any person other than the prophet himself..
the likes of Saddam etc DOES NOT REPRESENTING ISLAM...


Islam was not started by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Islam started with the creation of the first human couple - Adam and Eve. According to Holy Qur'an all the prophets of Allah preached the same faith (though in part), which was completed on the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), between 610-633 CE.

Saddam Hussain was not a Muslim, untill the American invasion of Iraq in 1991. He adopted the religion not to practice but to get sympathy of the Muslims. Similary his No.2 man, Tariq Aziz fooled most of the western, who thought he is a Muslim - He is a Christian.

In Arabic language, one cannot differentiate the faith by name. I know a gentleman from Lebanon, Ali Hazoori, by name - but he is Christian [Image: rolleyes.gif]



as salam alykom Salwa

I d like to welcome u to our forum and Mash a Allah the site looks really good.


Quote:Hello again,

Great story! It is really helping me to understand Islam by learning about its history.

I am from Michigan, USA.

I know Dearborn, MI has a very high muslim population (the highest among any other place in the world outside of the Middle East).

I would feel very uncomfortable going to a Mosque. But I know I must do what I can to learn as much as possible.

I have so many questions and curiousities about Islam that I am sure it will take more than just the Koran to answer.

(For example: Why does the Koran say women who do not obey should be beaten? That is very different from my beliefs. Do muslims follow that still today? I know in the Old Testament of The Bible there are some very strict things (such as being stoned to death) but Christians today no longer feel that way).

I also feel it would be very difficult to be a Muslim not only in today's world, but also in western culture.

I am 19 and a college student, and I work all day and go to school at night. How and when would I pray? Where would I pray? How will I be able to eat only the correct things if I am always on the go? How can I learn arabic without knowing any who speak it?

See, many, many questions lol. I do not expect answers to them - just giving an example of how I have soo many.

Thank you all for your understanding and knowledge you are sharing!
I live in Detroit and The mosque I attend in mins. from dearborn I'd like to get to know you and even contact you I sent you an email on the service here and hope you will contact me soon... Later for now
Quote:just a bit of my humble knowledge that Allah the all knowing granted me. :)

Joshua, yes as brother spider said u r muslim in a way, please see section on the conditions of the Kalimah Shaadah

Non muslims cant deal with information overload Muslims cant even deal with it because this is a forum brief is good I'm guilty of it also i think lesons can be long in text. but trying to explain an issue of this nature I dont think so... I would sugest being brief. and tafseer is a no no to post to explain a question from a non-muslim, even it's link may be innapropriate, accept in a tafseer section- Just a sugestion. and no he's not a muslim>sorta....

as salam alykom Thipaks09

I know, I know. :P And while Im in acomplaining mood, how are you meant to know how big your avatnar is? mine wont work

because this is your first post, I did not delete it lest you complain again against those muslims who deleted your first post.

However, welcome to the board, and please stay on topic, and you will need to read the rules of the board, obviously you did not.


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