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Question for Muslims

Quote:Thanks for helping me understand.I too must tend to other things, but I will read them, over and over if I have to so that I understand.

I will come with more questions later.

Thank you again and again for helping me!!
You are most welcome.

Now i can hear u say, o the Quran was not tampered with, why Allah allowed the Bible and Torah to be tampered with huh???? [Image: rolleyes.gif] :confused:

Let us see, Allah Sent numerous Messengers and Prophets one after the other. Every time, people are hit by satan's deviation, Allah simply renews and refreshes their memories telling them hey just worship me, do this and dont do that, remember, just come back. Ok, a group follows and as usual another rejects the call for many reasons, of them arrogance, stubborness and envy. Well that is not our point for now.

Mind u every time Allah Sends the Messenger or Prophet to his people only not to all mankind.

Allah allows them as well to tamper with their books modifing it to suit their inclinations and desires. Allah Knows that ahead. Much difference between His Knowledge and having anything to do with inducing the error. Ok. That is even another point. But let us give an example here. The teacher tells the student, u r not making the exam this year given the level of your studing. The student does fail. What has the teacher got to do with this? nothing. it is the teacher's experience that made him able to make this judgement.

Now back to our core of interest, books being changed. So Allah sent the Messengers and Prophets and allowed people to disobey and tamper with the books in order to give them as many chances as possible. Allah didnt simply stop giving chances, no Allah manifested with His Attribute the All Patient. Allah was being Patient because He Wants to give a chance for people to believe.

Not that He was unable to protect His books. Till He Sent Mohamed the final Messenger, because u can not go on giving chances for ever, with the final book, which was well protected for people to read and understand.

Hope I helped in this point


Quote:I see - (no need to be sorry, the post was very informative!)I see that Allah alone is to be worshipped, with no associate or partner. But it seems that Mohamed (PBUH) is viewed as an associate of Allah and held to very high regard. Where Christians hold Jesus as high, it seems Mulsims do the same for Mohamed.

I appologize for my assumptions...I know very little of Islam and only seek to learn.

Thank you very much for taking your time to help me learn, I appreciate it greatly!
We do not believe until we bear witness that "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah"

We do believe that prophets were sent in the past to various nations. Jesus, Moses, David, Abraham ...peace be upon them all. All of them carried the same message from the same God,and they all taught a divinely way of life. Anyone who followed them in their time would get to Heaven.

Islam also promotes the idea that the messages of these former Prophets were lost, altered, or even fabricated by later followers. So the mission of Muhammad peace be upon him was to restore the truth of God's authentic message so that people would once again have unimpeded access to God's true way of life.

By stating that Muhammad is God's Messenger, we are pledging ourselves to practicing what he preached, doing what he did, and looking to him for our role model.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh is not considered divine in Islam. He is not a god. He is not sitting at the right hand of Allah meeting out justice, nor is he a savior to whom Muslims can pray. "Muhammad is a man among men", says the Quran. We Muslims do revere him and love him for all the sacrifices he went through in his struggles with the idol-worshippers of Arabia. He endured unimaginable hardships in order to bring God's last message to the world. We do also consider him as the best model of husband, father, leader, friend, guide and politician.

He was actually a mercy sent by the Merciful to the world!



IT'S AHLAAAMMMMM [Image: smile.gif]


anyways... joshua...

in islam if you put the prophet(u.p.b.p) at the level that the christians put Jesus then this is a great sin... it is called SHIRK... to associate others with god...

so we dont do this...

this is a major difference from an islamic point of veiw

Mash a Allah this is an excellent thread I think it should go sticky :thumup:

Quote:Mash a Allah this is an excellent thread I think it should go sticky :thumup:
Great Idea... GO FOR IT....



Salaams AKHI [Image: smile.gif]


So you must wake very early for prayer?

What does prayer involve? I read a little about it but still do not understand.

Is it a particular set of phrases which are said/chanted out loud, or is it different every time?

Are there certain movements/motions to be done?

When an American Muslim is in public, and it is time for prayer, what is he/she to do? Do you just pray on the street wherever you are? I do not understand.

For example: If I was sitting in class during lecture, and it was time to pray - what would I do?



I dont mean to impose my opinion, but I suggest u take things step by step.

Like u need to be comfortable about the Allah is One, Mohamed is His final Messenger, Jesus is His servant and Messenger.

Quran is Allah's word.

That is why I am trying to tackle these points one at a time.

How about that?? can the rest of my brothers and sisters try to help??

Simply u need to be sure about the basic fundamentals of Islam, then Insh aAllah we will move to prayer and its importance. I dont want to flood u with info so that u dont get distracted and confused.

hope I am making the correct suggestion to u and everybody else on this thread....... :embarrase :confused:


Very good suggestion!

You see, I have so many things I am confused about, I don't even know where to begin.

Before recently, I was very unfamiliar with Islam and the muslim way of life. I knew absolutely nothing about it - it was completely foreign to me. I still know very, very little.

I have been reading alot from I find they have many articles for non-muslims/new muslims.

Taking it slowly step by step would be good though, and more beneffecial.

I appreciate all who are helping very, very much!


Before Muslims may pray, we must be in a ritually pure condition. This means that we must perform the ablution in order to be clean. Islam teaches that before we present ourselves before Go, we must make every effort to look presentable.

Each of the five daily prayers is performed in a similar way. The only difference between them is the total number of movements in each. The basic procedure to each prayer consists of standing and reciting a chapter from the Qur'an, bowing at the waist and glorifying God, and then prostrating twice on the ground while extolling God's power. This complete cycle is called a "Rak'ah", or unit of prayer. The early morning prayer consists of two units like this, whereas the two afternoon prayers and the night prayer consist of four units. The sunset prayer consists of three units.

The mosque is the place of prayer. If there is no mosque nearby at the call of prayer, you could praye wherever you want. At home, at school, at the office ....

Prayer in congregation is better in the sight of Allah than prayer alone.

If one is in the class and the section is still too long to finish, so he/she could ask for permission to go and pray.

Hope this answers your questions [Image: smile.gif]

P.S: dear brothers and sisters, could anybody attach a picture of Muslims praying. I did try to attach it but in vain :confused: Thank you!


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