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New Domain Name

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh

We have new domain name for the board.... :) I was :conf06:

Quote:The domain name Islammessage
including the home page and Arabic board were given to a major project

under the name of Islammessage. The project is operating under the

supervision of Sheikh Abdel Azeez Alfawzan Professor with University of Imam

Mohamed Bin Soud. The project involves the participation of more than

100 Shaira specialists and staff members working at Dawa centers may

Allah Makes it a success.




Jazakumullah khair for you all brothers and sisters ... for taking care our board. :thumb:

:placate: << for my sisters only ;)



Alhamdulelah jazaki Allah khairan dija for your encouragement. Where have u been? hope u r doing well. Where is your bike???


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