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My suggestions to the mods and admin

i am sorry to say that this feels like a site where Islam vs Christianity vs Judiasm is very present...

the reason is simple, the Non-Muslim guests section........i saw nothing but rubbish in that section of the forum.

you give a dog a bone, he will more likely bit on it...take it away from him, it will simply heed and backdown.

why have a section like this??? i see nothing but anger coming from it, and a pleasure of mockery for those non-muslims

if u wanna keep that section, go ahead, but dont waste ur time and waste ur anger on such things....treat them in the same maner they treat u

it reverse works

give them what they want, they will soon leave

[Image: 4_51.png]

English Yusuf Ali: [4:51]

Hast thou not turned Thy vision to those who were given a portion of the Book? they believe in sorcery and Evil, and say to the Unbelievers that they are better guided in the (right) way Than the believers!



jazakum Allah khairan for your comments brother, Insh a Allah will be taken in consideration.



As Salam alaikum

If we did not have that section, they would just post in the general section of whatever. I like having it bc then new members who are not interested in seeing what nonmuslims are saying can just by-pass this section.

I understand our brother's comment though. Arguements don't exist with only one side responding. It is just useless shouting. I have much in my heart to say but these people are not here to learn. Their "questions" have been addressed again and again. They only want to feel good about themselves by lambasting Islam. So let them have their pettiness.

At least with the nonmuslims section we can group the garbage together.

As Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu


i still say... the forum can become more constructive without that section of the forum

post Islamic topics , work for Islam, rather than wasting time debating on what is already kufur.

do u get deeds from doing that????????????????

but u get plenty in teaching ur fellow muslims about Islam more.



As Salam alaikum

I understand your sentiments but reflect about what the Prophet did. Did he give up after one or two times of calling the biggest kufar of all to Islam? Nope... Some of his greatest enemies became good muslims, Umar, Abu Sufyan, etc...

I think it is important to redefine HOW we dialogue with them though. When they argue, leave them to argue. When they ask sincerely, then I think we need to answer.

If anyone does not feel like replying to them, they are under no compulsion to do so.

As Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu


there is a difference between debating with the example of Abu Sufyan, and Umar.... and the the example of Abu Lahab

there is aHUGE diff.

one who doesnt want to learn, simply doesnt want to learn

one who lacks respects simply lacks respect



as salam alykom

Brother Fateh, jazakum Allah khairan for your concern. However, I think what Dan meant was that it is inevitable that you will have non muslim guests. Non muslims guests do vary among themselves. Their intentions also vary. Being here, in case you find a thread that is leading to a constructive discussion, just give the reply and indugle into the disucssion for other silent members or even guests who may come and read. Note also that whatever replies you make shall continue serving you after your death. This is the merit of giving dawa on the Internet. Not all of us are qualified scholars to publish books for instance that may continue to benefit others after our death, but here you can do your research and help yourslef and others to learn. What is more important is that you cannt really expect a non muslim to come and agree with u on how Islam is great. If one does, he/she will likely revert. We must expect this. The issue is how prudently to handle it.

This is a public board brother, islamic yes, but people are diverse.


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