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My Journey My Story My Life

We all have a story to tell.

We all experience new things in life.

We all influence others.

How many of us think who are we that we can influence or have a postive impact on others?

we sin so much ourself and are trying to get our own iman straight let alone start talking about the topic of islam to others!

Many of us today trying to engage young people or anyone in fact onto Islam, dont always want dawah in terms of so called hard core information being passed on to them, meaning reading long articles, listening to long lectures, reading hadith after hadith or people just telling them YOU GOT TO FOLLOW this your on the wrong path!

My journey My story My life inshallah which give my life experience and how i didnt realise just for example simple talking to a person and mentioning oh i got to go pray how much it influenced and made the other person think hang on a second if she can do it then why cant i?

The above is just one example.

I will be discussing many different issues, typical stereotypes and ways of thinking, Inshallah it will show to others that Islam is a beautiful religion that is for eveyone even those who are on the wrong path and for those who for example we see on the street and judge straight away, oh look at her wearing the hijab yet wearing so much make up! An understanding of the person making this comment and also the one wearing the hijab in this example wikl be explained

you know the saying theres a light at the end of the tunnel.

With hardship comes ease and with ease comes hardship (ayah from Quran cant remember precise reference at the moment).

If I dont make sense with anything please let me know and do post your thoughts!

Speak to you soon inshallah


My lovely cousin told me once what ever you do in life the worst sin

Possible dont ever give up your salah!

Do not stop your salah cos that salah inshallah will stop you from that sin and make you see the light

Since she told me that alhamdulillah im so grateful to her for telling me that as i always remember her words when i start thinking to myself damn im

Sinning how can i pray

So the next time you see someone drinking in a club or wotever sin it is dont ever question them and say how can you do that can still pray

1. You just saying that could dishearten and turn them even further away from Islam

2. Thy could stop praying all together for which you are sinning for aswell

Do not jugde others

Do not see the faults of others

Look at yourself first

Talk to people with love and respect and with loving ways to turn them away from

Sin and not to rub it in thier face, well somtime u can as joke as that can give a waking call to others to see what they are doing lol

What my cousin told me i pass on and i thank Allah for that!



How are you all? So stinking to this topic, i have seen many people who look at others an judge them. One example being oh look she wears the headscarf but look how she dresses!

Now what would you do?

Tell this sister oh look how you dress most the time with tight clothes etc and you wear the headscarf its not right, but the way you say this to her, leads her to question if she should stop wearing it.

now what if this sister listens to what you said an completely stops wearing it, then you have lead her to sin even more, because of what you said an the way you said it to her.

We forget we all go through difficulties an our own tests, so be careful in how you judge others an be careful in how you approach a person if you have something to say to them, because if they stop a good deed then you are sinning aswell.

Choose your words wisely!!!

One thing I've learnt in life is those who have Allah have everything and those who don't have nothing!!!
Ma sh a Allah really excellent thread amma, please continue.

As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

We all wish to lead a hassle free life, no worries problems, especially the young, socialising, fun, exitment, money, fast cars etc blinded within this culture of so called being young and free!

Forgetting that Islam dont come into your life just when you grow old, we need to live it breathe it when we are young only then we will understand the reality of life and the trials an tribulations we face.

Those who have Allah have everything and those who dont have nothing!!!

We fail to realise each problem we have in life is our test to see how we succeed and progress, and we need to remember Allah both in the good and bad times, yet we only turn to him when we have a problem and forget him when we are all happy and having fun!!!

We need to change our ways fast! This life is nothing at all!

Know that each time you escape a difficulty you will have to face another.

This is life. Life is a test.

"Do people think that they will be left (at ease) only on their saying, "we believe" and will not be put to any test?

Indeed We have tested those who were before them. So Allah will surely know the ones who are truthful, and He will surely know the liars."

[Qur'an 29:2&3]

Trials and tribulations are not new. They have been happening since the beginning of mankind. You must arm yourself with patience and strong trust in Allah.

*Wrestle hardship to the ground.*

[some parts have been taken from 'Don't Be Sad']

Du'as requested :)


Mash a Allah, excellent post amma, In sh a Allah we all learn and ponder.

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