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Muslim women for domestic work and sexual

Firstly, I would like the reader please to look at the following Fatwa and afterwards we will elaborate on the topic and explain what we should all do.

(A Fatwa for a Shiit scholar given to a Shia living in Saudi Arabia that it is permissible for him to commit Zina (Muta`a marriage) with the Indonesian domestic helper.

The Fatwa is as follows:

Chapter of unsustainable marriage

The Question:

I sent you a question that was as follows: I have a domestic helper and I would like to conduct a Muta`a marriage contract with her..Am I allowed, taking in consideration that she is a virgin? Your answer was: it is permissible with the permission of her father or paternal grandfather.

My next question is..does it suffice for her to call him and take the permission from him, or do I have to speak to him, taking in consideration that her family live in Indonesia and we are living in Saudi Arabia and I do not speak their language? It is allowed to conclude the marriage contract with her without her family's permission because she is living in a foreign country and we might not be able to take her family's permission?

The Fatwa: it is enough to take her permission personally and conclude the marriage contract with her if you feel comfortable about the permission, and it was difficult to contact her Walli and she was in a dire need for marriage. She is in such case allowed to marry without his permission.

The link to the Fatwa:

Select from the list (كنز الفتاوى) and then search using key word: اندونيسيا.


Now let us clarify a number of issues. Shia`a, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, just like other Gulf countries, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and of course Iran are known of being inconsiderate about protecting honor, chastity and reputation. They practice something called Muta`a marriage whereas it is actually Zina with the approval of both parties. In this type of marriage, a man and a woman agree on a contract allocating certain fees to the woman. The contract may be concluded to remain valid for an hour, day, or month according to the situation of both parties. By the way, the woman might be married and conclude a Muta`a contract with another man. This is proved in their books, Fatwa of their scholars, a number of video recordings of Shiit women I had access to.

We need to highlight as well that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim Sunni country where Shia`a represent a small percentage living in the east part of the Kingdom. Indonesia is another Muslim Sunni country that is considered to be the largest Muslim country. Recruitment and employment offices contract tens or hundreds of thousands of Indonesian domestic helpers to work for Saudi families. Nearly, every Saudi household has one. Employment offices operating in the Kingdom apply a set of rules and conditions. Mostly, the domestic helper receives kind treatment specially if she is working for a religious and conservative family. But there is no law that prohibits that the helper might end up in the swamp of a Shiit family. This means, according to the Fatwa, that male members of the Shiit household will sequentially commit Zina with the Muslim Sunni Indonesian girl. They will even (the male Shia) gain reward and good deeds for this disgraceful act. According to their scholars, they claim that whoever concludes this type of disgusting marriage gains a major reward. The question here is, who will stand for our the Indonesian Muslim women? Who would save our Indonesian Muslim sisters from becoming victims of a Shiit household which does not maintain the trust (Amana) neither fear Allah. Shia`a maintain much enmity for all Sunni schools. They actually declared the companions as Kufar, and they call Sunnis Nawseb (those who openly express enmity towards Ahul Bayt: the Messenger's blessing and peace be upon him household). What would be expected when a Sunni Muslimah falls into their hands. Wallahi my brothers I used to feel this sectarianism before reading this scandalizing Fatwa. I used to be amazed and question what would be the status of a Muslim woman who falls in the hands of Shia`a the grandchildren of Magians, yes Shia`a are the descendants of Magian. The Shia`a school emerged in Iran which was a Magian country. It is known that the Magina religion allows marriage of Maharem (non marriageable: marriage to mothers and sisters). They are people who adopt an animal oriented sexual life. Shia`a inherited this as part of the religion. They brought it to Islam in the form of Muta`a marriage. Matter of fact, Islam does not call for this. I remember once I was in a Shia`a district in the Eastern part of the Kingdom with my wife. While passing in a narrow street, an Indonesian domestic helper came out of one of the Shia`a houses carrying items. She was in the maximum level of humility and downgrade. She did not look like a normal woman in terms of her clothing or appearance. Really a sorrowful image that can only be scene in Tragedy movies. The Muslim woman should not be living under such magnitude of lowliness till it reflects on her features and image unless her dignity and honor are abused. I really wished to stop her and investigate this issue. Another situation I encountered. I had a friend who works for an organization providing care for lost women. Most of them are domestic helpers who ran away from their employers due to either maltreatment, or other reasons. They are provided with shelter till their legal status is corrected, sent back home or handed to their families if they were local citizens. This brother is quoted as saying: the worst cases I experience are those domestic helpers working for Shiaa households. They are subjected to rape and sexual practices till they are forced to run away and hand themselves to this organization asking to go back home. Just imagine, in one of the cases, a Shiit woman requested to an office a domestic helper, she was provided with one in her 20s. She dressed her up in the best of appearance with full make up and jewelry and married her off to her husband. This was the story of one of the run aways according to my friend

Shia`a are transgressing against the honor of Muslim Sunni women in our country and the law suffers a large gap. We are standing to watch such horrendous crimes and realize its magnitude. Shall we stand still? It is our duty to disseminate information. It is a shame that we stand still against this issue. I feel my manhood is falling short if I am unable to change this bitter reality. O brothers a believer is jealous, the Prophet blessing and peace be upon him is jealous and Allah may He be Glorified is even higher in jealously than all of us. It is not sufficient for our jealousy to be restricted on our Mahram females. It is not enough to keep our jealousy confined to the walls of our houses. But rather we must feel jealous on the honor of Muslims worldwide otherwise we are not truly Muslims. We feel jealous when Zionist soldier rape a Muslim sister or an Iraqi who is assaulted by an American. We equally feel jealous for our sisters everywhere just as we do for our daughters and sisters otherwise we are not Muslims. Your duty, my duty and the duty of every one who is aware of this tragedy is to have his/her voice heard. He /she must escalate the issue specially our brothers in Indonesia. No doubt the 200 million Indonisian Muslims must include those who feel terribly jealous on their sisters and fellow Indonesians. The thousand million Muslims worldwide must include those who feel this grief and are concerned to protect Indonesian Muslim honor. Our sisters who had to leave their families and live in foreign countries under humiliating conditions because of destiny and need.

Brothers and sister, here is the solution and I really hope for each one to contribute their inputs and more alternatives. Until now this is what I have of ideas:

  • Addressing the Saudi Government explaining how Shia`a behavior negatively affects the reputation of the government. It is recommended for international legal institutions to take this step such as human rights organization.
  • This topic must be widely spread in sites, forums, blogs specially those that are human rights oriented including labor and foreigners' rights.
  • Spreading the topic among Indonesian NGOs, organizations, and forums specially the serious and Islamic oriented including official ones.
  • Addressing the Indonesian embassies in Riyadh and Gulf countries (let us use this thread as a platform to design a message addressing the ambassador or councilor). Perhaps others may contribute contacts of Indonesia embassies and foreign affairs..etc.
  • Contacting human and labor rights organizationس and others.
  • Sending a message to media outlets that are concerned with such issues including newspapers, TV channels..etc.
    Let us all work collectively to solve this issue. Just consider yourself in a battle and let us all stand in the same location.

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This is a translat for this fatwa to indonisian language. to post in an indonisian forums


2 door perkawinan Supply


Dikirim untuk mengajukan pertanyaan, yang berbunyi sebagai berikut: Saya punya pembantu dan ingin menyulitkan perkawinan itu sementara .. Apakah boleh bagi saya, mengetahuinya Bakar? Dan dijawab adalah: mungkin, dengan izin ayahnya atau kakek kepada ayahnya.

Pertanyaan saya berikutnya adalah .. Apakah Anda meminta izin dari ayahnya untuk berbicara dengannya cukup banyak dari mereka yang berada atau siapa aku berbicara dengannya, tahu bahwa keluarganya di Indonesia, dan kami di Arab Saudi, dan aku tidak tahu bahasa mereka? .. Apakah boleh untuk ACCEPT mereka tanpa izin dari penghuni berdasarkan dalam aneh, dan mungkin tidak dapat mengambil izin dari keluarganya?

Opini: cukup untuk meminta izin dipegang oleh otorisasi mereka telah puas, dan jika mereka berhubungan dengan Bouliha terhambat, dan kebutuhan mendesak untuk menikah, maka dibolehkan untuk menikah tanpa izin



as salam alykom Akh Hassan

Jazakum Allah khairan for this reminder and alert.

I intiaited the activities by contacting our dear member Dija who is Indonesian asking her to help by translating the topic and spreading it into Indonesian boards.

Insh aAllah we can achieve an objective.

However, I have one comment. I prefer that we do not contact human rights or labor rights organisations. Actually, let us keep our problems at home I mean between Muslims. Let us not as always involve non Muslims even the so called human rights organisations. They always have an agenda. It is enough that we are already split into Sunni and Shiaa and having this level of enmity among us because of the commone enemy.

Insh a Allah we can handle this ourselves to the best of what we can.

Let us just contact Saudi governement, Gulf states and so forth.

Meanwhile, we can also add contating the employement offices and alert them, bringing it to them as part of their religious duty to ensure proper environement for those who are recruited through them.

Most importantly, let us organise our Dawa activity and seriously target the Shiaa, they listen brother, when you can approach them honestly and purifying the Niyah to Allah, we can win Muslims who corrected themselves.



I am sorry for being late again, sister Muslimah. It's been so long I don't come to this forum, but you still remember me well :) Ma'sha Allah.

And Alhamdulillah, brother Hassan's concern for Indonesian women really makes me happy.

I'll try to help spreading this message. This fatwa is a little bit shocking, but it helps me understand this issue better.

In Indonesia, it's a public secret that some men from gulf countries (we call them "orang Arab") come to my country for business or vacation and have this mut'ah.

I also read a lot and know by myself about women who work in gulf countries and then come home with children.

This is really a big issue actually. Those women who work in Arab countries mostly uneducated, and it's getting worse since they are poor and don't have good knowledge about Islam.

I'd like to discuss more, but I can't. I am not in good condition today. I've got stomach ache, and this illness reminds me 2 things: my mother and death. My mother passed away on Friday not long after having this kind of stomach ache.

I am not afraid of the death. But I am not a good Muslim, so I'm not ready to die yet.

Please make du'a for me. I hope this will reduce my sins, and may Allah forgive me.

See you soon, insha Allah.



O Ukhtai (sister) Dija, did your mother pass away this last Friday, or you are just remembering the day?? Insh a Allah you will be better. We all must remember death all the time, because this will be our alarm clock and altert in case we feel weak and fall into sin. Insh a Allah you will be alright Dija, Do try to come ofter Insh a Allah, your work will be in the balance of your good deeds.


Thanks for sister Muslim for comment and advice

I apologize for the delay in reply , I was in a training course in another country away from my home 300 miles

I support what you think. We should not write for non-Muslim, perhaps I was nervous.

And I am glad to see the message from sister Dija , I think we put our feet in the right place to go for a solution to this problem ... Let us work hard .

sister Dija , I wish you healing and good health , please reassure us on yourself .


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