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Let's play an arabic game?

Hey ppl, just wanted to bring an interesting way to learn some arabic here. hope this thread spurs some results..

here's the deal: for those who started learning arabic from an english tongue, they would see that MANY arabic nouns actually has a root.

when using dictionaries such as the Hans Wher, it's a bit difficult to find the meanings of such nouns because you actually have to find the root verb and then search for it...

here's what we'll do... I will start off by giving a noun and everyone else guesses what the relevent verb is for instance:

if the noun i give is

Action - عمل

then someone has to give the verb that it is derived from which is: عمل

(This was an easy answer)

then that person who has answered correctly can ask a similar question...

get it...

so let me start off with something fairly simple:

entrance - مدخل

(note you need to write the arabic in here if you dont have an arabic keyboard you can use google translate, or any software available online)


Oh yeah, quick note... native arabic speakers are to act as moderators or ask questions... not answer lol...

that's cheating LOL






Alright naseeha we wont :ph34r:



Assalamu alaikum,

I just read my email notification of this Arabic teaching game.. Subhan Allah! Such timing!!

I have a channel on YouTube (BlueGene1402) that's sadly not exactly filled with 'useful' videos.

However - I will be launching, inshAllah, a new channel by the new year dedicated to language learning.

This will include various world languages with a special emphasis on teaching Arabic: speaking, reading & writing.

My videos will be available to anyone interested but are mainly aimed at new Muslims & the like, sooo...

That channel will also provide learning material concerning Quran, tajweed.. etc.

If you have a problem downloading highly illegal pirated copies of software worth thousands of dollars - then it's not the thing for you lol.

I will inshAllah come back to this forum with an update when it is in business, inshAllah.

Other than Spanish, French, Italian, German... etc there will also be resources for learning/improving English at all levels: from the complete beginner to the advanced. Includes pronunciation, idioms & slang, etc with materials for both Arabic & English speaking folk.

Wish me luck & say a prayer for me!

Your sister in faith,


My channel (where my new one will be announced)


alhamdulillah bluegene... may allah make it easy for u...

Maybe you can put a link on your channel to this board.. you know... spread the da'wah...

neways... you playin the game or wha? ;)


I wanna play! Been ages since I practiced my shockingly bad arabic.

دخل-to enter

My turn?



Assalamu alaikum all,

I will not be playing, naseeha.. I am a native speaker ;)

But here's my challenge: توحيد

And here's a useful tool:

A keyboard to use then copy & paste :D


ok karbala...

yours is:m جلس to sit

yours is:وحد

to be one ... i think that's the answer...

ok my turn.



Quote:ok karbala...
yours is:m جلس to sit

yours is:وحد

to be one ... i think that's the answer...

ok my turn.


Thats a hard one. IS the answer سمع - To hear/listen? I think im wrong.


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