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Kids room


This is to all who are going to post anything on the kids forum. The following things must be taken into consideratiogn when posting a topic.

1. The age group here is 5-14 yr olds.

2. Posts should not be too long.

3. They should be colourful.

4. Simple language must be used for the kids to understand.

5. In appropriate places images should be used.

The above are only a few things which need to be taken into account. Our aim here is to attract the attention of kids who use the internet and are willing to learn more about Islam. So far the topics which have been posted are fine content wise. However looking at them think to yourself if you were between that age bracket of 5-14 would you be reading them. I dont think so.

Therefore to make this room succesful please take into account all the above we need to catch the attention of the kids not scare them away.



I totally agree with you sister, I read some and they really are not that very interesting for children to look at, if words are made a bit bigger, colors of each sentence is changed even the font, I found this site for nice fonts, if sister Muslimah would do something to add them to the font category, there are really very nice and eye catching fonts here.

and how about these Icons can they be uploaded in the smilies:)

thanku wasalam 'alaykom wa rahmat Allah


speaking of it.......where are the other threads gone? [Image: ohmy.gif]

they are all here

go to where it says showing so and so many posts and the last option from click on sumthing like beginning of the year all the past posts should appear

Hey, did anyone else notice that the April fools joke does not appear in Kids and Teens directory?

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