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Islamic date

Asalaamu alikum,

I dont know if this is possible, but I am wondering if we would be able to get some type of a calander on the main page. What I mean is the current Islamic date displayed someplace on the main page. The reason I ask is because outside of Ramadan and other holidays I rarely know month/day it is. I thought it might be nice to be able to find it here.

Jazak Allah khairn



as salam alykom

I think this is a good idea Jennifer, let us see if we can do it Insh a Allah.


It actually is a simple matter....

Here's a site you can see stuff from:

browse the site... there are alot of ideas you can throw around....

however this must be done by the person who actually put up the site or someone with that level of access.... we can use the above site to download stuff to give for him...

thereafter it's just for him to copy an paste it where relevant.... that's all

have fun browsing the site and looking at their stuff...




as salam alykom

Jennifer I passed the idea to Hassan who was very enthusiastic. Currently, he is away, Insh aAllah as soon as he is back he will implement it. Jazaki Allah khairan.

B) Jazak Allah khairn



As Salam alaikum

I thought the topic of this thread was about muslims dating and how one could go about it legally.

Sorry... my American is showing... :)

Good idea though! Fully support it

As Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu



welcome back Dan u sure made me :) :) :)



as salam alykom Jennifer

Finnaly, Alhamdulelah Hassan had the time to add the Lunar calendar, however, he added it in Arabic numbers :confused_smile: see if u can follow otherwise I will have to tell him if he can convert it. Hope he can.....


Asalaamu alikum

Actually I dont have any experiance reading a calander this way, but it can be compared to the gregorian calander pretty easily so I think insha Allah I will get the hang of it with a little practice :)

Jazak Allah Khairn its a nice addition!


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