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Islam Around The World!!! Give Your Contribution

as salam alykom Sham

may be u can also give us an idea about Islam in South Africa, it will be really interesting.

[Image: smile.gif] welcome to the board


Quote:Originally posted by Muslimah as salam alykom naseeha

Mash a Allah I visited the site today, finally the first article of a`aqeedah Mabruk may Allah puts this effort in the balance of your good deeds.
(ameen) (ameen)

Insha allah i will email this to everyone i know then later on i will put in another article insha allah....

Islam is very powerful here in South Africa. 90% of the muslims is in the Indian community and the rest is in the Black community. It is compulsory that when the children go to school then the parents send the kids to Madrassa after school to learn the Dean. Now we have many schools that are mainly Islamic schools that teach the normal secular syllabus as well as an Islamic syllabus. This makes it easier for the children so that they do not have a long day of attending two different schools. Many ladies are also having get togethers were they teach and share ideas, problems, stories of the sahabas and teachings of the quraan.
Jazaki Allah khairan sister/brother for sharing this
so this means that there r no middle eastern or Arab ppl in S.Africa...............sad...anyway it's good to know that Muslims exist there too [Image: smile.gif]

As Salaam Wa Alaikum

There are Middle Eastern people here in South Africa but there are only a few in numbers. There are foreigners here not perminant residence if you know what I mean. There are many Pakistanis Nigerians Congolese and many other North Africans that try to come into SA but they are illegal immigrants. As for Arabs I do not think that there are here. If and when they come it is for visiting the country. Islam amongst the foreigners that come here is not strong. I have visited many countrys and I would like to confirm that in my opinion Islam is pretty powerful here in SA. They may be a few that go astray but the majority are very staunch in their belief.

Mash a Allah, I like what is going on this thread, very interesting really Alhamdulelah:smilingfl
wow ! masha allah.........good to hear that.......anyway what about u Muslimah? u live in Egypt..........i've heard in Egypt girls have the liberty to wear anything? is that true?

as salam alykom

yes u may say that Shariah is not applies, in other words, women are free to adhere to the Islamic dress code or not.

Alhamdulelah many are coming to it now

wow ! this is good ^[Image: smile.gif]

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