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Is It True That Babies Can See Angels?
I believe in that to institution, angels are out there to protect us and make us feel happy. There is always one looking down on us and protecting us. I'm a christian and no matter how different we are we both believe in the same thing. My parents are christians and i didn't really accept being one until now. There is always a phenomenon out there and that one thing changed my whole perspective. My parents are very happy for that and they respect me for it. I have alot of islamic friends and we chat and stuff and we are no different to others that belong to different beliefs. I'm a much happier person now and I feel protected by a lot of things especially angels

i don't whether this is true... but someone told me that the ratio of angels:devils:humans goes like this 90:9:1

do anyone know about this? or am i mistaken?


Hey Joshua Welcome to the forum, I'm glad you joined.

InshaAllah enjoy your stay, and I pray that Allah makes your stay beneficial.

May Allah guide your heart towards the truth.

You have always shown me a lot of interest in islam thats why I introduced you to this site. I hope that A lot of your questions get answered.

your class-mate



Oh subhanaAllah I forgot to let you all know, that my little-cute-cousin yaseerah is healthy again alhamdulilah. Jezekelah khayran for the prayers and all the dua's and the Ayahs that Muslimah and Radiyah provided. Shukran katheeraan.




that was wonderful Intuition....


Al-salam 'alaykom

Welcome to the forum joshua-james, hope u will enjoy it here and find all your questions u r looking for. Now we have 2 joshuas [Image: biggrin.gif] , that is nice [Image: smile.gif].

Alhamdulilah Intuition, thanks to Allah that she is better now, and may Allah grant u ajr for inviting joshua to this board [Image: smile.gif].

Quote: i don't whether this is true... but someone told me that the ratio of angels:devils:humans goes like this 90:9:1
do anyone know about this? or am i mistaken?

I dont know about the ratio, but our scholar told us, that each human born, a consort from jinn is born with him that stays with him all his life until he dies and that consort keeps on beautifying sins for the person by insinuating evil ideas to that person to mislead him from the right path.

But Angels there are a lot:

1) Our two Recording Angels, who record our every action, one on our right records the good things we do and the one on our left records the bad things we do.

2)The guardian angels: They are also called the "honored writers" ; two of them are charged with each human being.

3) Attendant angels, they descend upon mankind with blessings and ascend with news of their works.

4) Munkar and Nakir : They question the dead in their graves.

5) Journeyers (sayyahun) :They visit assemblies where men remember the Name of God.

These are the most important angels who acomppany us. There are others who will accompany us for certain tasks we do. That will need more study and research about Angels which I will attain to later by will of Allah, In Sha' Allah.

Wasalam 'alaykom Wa Rahmat Allah

what about kiraman and katibin?

Alhamdulelah Intution Alhamdulelah may Allah makes her a comfort of the eye for her parents

Joshua most welcome to our little family Insh a Allah may Allah makes it meet your expectation.

Intutuition nice name Nasrah

[Image: smile.gif]


Quote: what about kiraman and katibin?

Lifutushi kiraman katebeen is what Radiyah mentioned under #1 the two who record our deeds.


Quote: Asalamalaykum
Alhamdulilah we have a new baby in our home and she always smiles. A lot of the elders keep saying "oh the angels are making her smile" "when babies smile the angels entertain them" etc I've been hearing that ever since I was a toddler [Image: biggrin.gif]. I'm really facinated with those terms and I was just wondering if anyone can back that up with some ayat from the quraan or any authentic hadeeth. I want to know if this is a cultural believe or something that is believed to be true in our deen. It's hard for me to tell them apart.

If anyone could shed some light on this, would be appreciated InshaAllah

jezekelah khayr in advance

Bismillah .. Salaam Alaikum

I have never heard of this before, sister. [Image: unsure.gif] Nothing in this regard is mentioned in the Glorious Qur'aan, I am sure about that. And so far, I haven't come across any Hadith either that has said anything on this topic.


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