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Improvements Usama's Den


I have noticed that not many people have taken interest in this forum. This maybe as you dont find the kind of articles/stories you are looking for.

Therefore please feel free to suggest any improvements which can be made to this forum itself.

Inshallah with your help we can all make this forum even better.



'hot' topics, perhaps?

usama was a mujahid, a warrior, so get some stories related to it...



amma how about if we link this room with Suhail's project that he announced earlier this year asking for volunteers. I mean a counselling place for youth.

And INsh aAllah each one of us will do all he/she can to respond to the problems.



Yeh i think that is a great idea. i think it would be very helpful and useful if we did have that, So the muslim youth dont have to go far to ask for help or advise on any issues.


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