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Important Explanations

Masha Allah......

and we are like the breezes on the sea....... [Image: sad.gif]


ya allah

astaghfar allah al3athiem

sisters just ignore this guy ... please.


U r right abeer. just right Alhamdulelah and O I am happy to see u on. I was wondering if u around. abeer listen this is totally off topic, I gave u access to banat Aisha where we sisters can chill around, there is an interesting thread there go check it out [Image: biggrin.gif]

Sobhan Allah


Alsalam 'alaykom [Image: smile.gif]

Well well , Alhamdulilah u r here Abeer, I was wondering where u were? I thought maybe we said something or did something that hurt u , I hope not. Welcome back sister [Image: smile.gif].

And yes I hope u will soon join us at Banat Aisha soon [Image: smile.gif]



Ya Allah,

You know that these hearts had gathered in this place because of Your Love;

Meet to fulfill Your Order;

Unite to carry Your Messages;

These hearts had tied the promise to support Your Syari'ah;

So please uptight Ya Allah the bond;

And make the harmony between these hearts last forever;

Show these hearts the Your Right Path;

Fill these hearts with Your Rabbani Light that never went dead;

Clean these hearts with abundances of Iman and beauty of Tawakkal on You;

Make these hearts alive with Your Ma'rifah;

And if You've destined the owners of these hearts to die;

Please let them die as Syuhada' in the Quest of Your Deen;

Allah, You're the Best Helper to Whom we leaned....


Ameen brother Ameen [Image: smile.gif]


please my dearest brothers and sisters....

please do not hate each other.....

for the sake of ukhuwwatul islamiyyah..... islamic brotherhood....

i've seen so much hatred in our muslims world....

that's not what the prophet (pbuh) told us to do....

please don't let your ego overtake your reasons....

please...please....please....... [Image: sad.gif][Image: sad.gif][Image: sad.gif][Image: sad.gif]


Alsalam 'alaykom

Exactly brother, we should not hate each other, we may differ but no no hate. We should ask Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala each night before we sleep to empty our hearts from any hate to any of our brothers or sisters no matter what happened. Allahum ighfer lana thnobana wa gina 'athab al-nar.


i meant what i said....


as salam alykom

Where is Arif we do miss his valuable contribution really, hope he sees this post and comes on. :)


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